How @Swamy39 tried to sabotage Indian Diplomatic efforts.
1- Tried to derail Rafale deal
2- Attempted to derail S400 deal
3- Passed sensitive info and ensured Chenese about creating support for them in India duringDoklam.
4- Tried to create Differences with Nepal
5- CBI director
6- Was evolved in leaking Identity of KJ.
7- Lobby against India on International platform.
8- Misinformation compaign on Chabahar Port project.
9- Was actively involved by creating nonsense statements Indo Lanka statement.
10- Attempted to create havoc during Maldives crisis
11- He created a gang to divide RWs into groups.
12- VHS is just a scam to Hindu cause like Congress was to Independence cause.
13- Went full fledged war against AJ to stop implementation of GST the biggest tax reform ever which attracted FDI.
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