Lately, I’ve heard that a few evangelical leaders and pastors take issue with Q

They say Q is dividing families and they express concern that Q is a deception being played out to deceive Christians and others

They have a difficult time reconciling their view of the end times
with Q and the concept of the Great Awakening

Before @realDonaldTrump was elected, my outlook on the future of the USA and the world was bleak. I am a Christian and I do take a position on Biblical prophecy and eschatology (end times) similar to many conservative Evangelicals.
I do believe the Bible teaches the world will ultimately be governed under the authority of one ruler known as the anti christ and that the Son of God, Jesus Christ will return to this earth, destroy Satan and the anti christ, and initiate His perfect reign on this earth.
I do believe Satan is ramping up the evil and speeding the world powers to his end goal of setting up a one world government

Why is it so difficult for these Evangelical leaders to accept that perhaps God raised up @realDonaldTrump and Q as a reprieve to stem the tide of evil,
and to slow and/or postpone the commencement of the one world system for several years or a generation to allow the world to see the Satanic evil and the horrific crimes of our world leaders and elite?

How many times have we heard Christian leaders cry out for a God fearing
man to lead our Country and expose the evil of the world leaders? God answered our prayers and gave us @realDonaldTrump who gave us the Qanon movement.

Q has never asked anyone to follow a specific set of rules or beliefs or a specific religion. The q team clearly has a
few Christians on the team as demonstrated by the recitation of Scripture and the explanation of the spiritual war we face against Satan. Q, however, is not a minister or a missionary and Q’s purpose is not to convert the world to Christ but to help the world wake up to the
Evil that pervades the elite and world leaders and to help patriots around the world think for themselves, unite, and expose and throw off this Satanic evil.

Even though there seem to be devout Christians on the Q team, there are also others who may not be Christians
This movement is bigger than just waking up Christians. It’s about waking up the entire world to the Satanic element underlying world leaders and the largest corporations.

Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and atheists can be united around the core fundamentals Q espouses
which include free thought, freedom to worship, the sanctity of life, free markets, and America First.

This does not mean that I as a Christian have to lay aside my essential beliefs that Christ is the only God and the only way of Salvation. Absolutely not. Patriots can agree
to disagree with one another on our beliefs about eternity, religion and how God has revealed Himself while being united to fight to expose Satanists and evil word leaders who wish to enslave us all. Our founding fathers are the perfect example. Some were Deists, a couple were
atheists and some were Bible believing Christians. They came together to fight against tyranny.

It is my prayer that we can strive for the same unity our founding fathers had.

Last point. Q is not dividing families. People waking up to truth is dividing families when
other family members refuse to open their eyes to things as they really are. I will admit it is easy to become consumed with analyzing and researching and putting family to the side. This is Obvisly not right. Anons and patriots must remain balanced and be patient with other
family members and friends who do not yet get it. They will soon understand when the arrests begin.

My in-laws thought I was overboard about pizzagate until they began to see the evidence of the clinton foundation trafficking children out of Haiti.

Evangelical leaders would
wise to actually read the Q posts and help their congregants wake others up and help us expose evil.
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