What is Hindutva and why is it important?

We have seen people saying things like "Hinduism is good Hindutva is bad" or "I am a Hindu but don't support Hindutva"
Why these people say that? Why Hindutva is needed now?
Hindutva is simply feeling of "Being Hindu"
A feeling that we all belong to same Dharma, we we have same culture, sacred texts, ancestors and a great history of our struggle against invaders
This feeling of "Hinduness" is Hindutva
Let's understand with an example.
When a person asks you "Where are you from?"
Your answer depends on the situation, if you are in India you may identify yourself with state Punjab, Kerala etc, if in same state you may reply with name of city,
but if you are outside India for example USA you will reply "I am from India"
If someone goes to Mars he will say I am from earth.
The base of Identity changes, it becomes broader when in a situation collective identification is needed
similarly, when there was no other religion we Identified ourselves as Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shakta etc from sampradayas, but when we came in contact with Mlecchas or Yavanas we called ourselves Aryas then we all were in one category despite little differences.
now, when there are many different religions in India itself, now this feeling of belonging to common roots, Dharma, ancestors etc is Hindutva, a broader term used for our identification with our past.
But why is it needed?

Expansionist religions are trying hard to convert Hindus, commies and urban Naxals are peddling anti Hindu propaganda, youth is diverting away from Dharma because of this.
In order to preserve our great ancient culture and traditions, the immense knowledge of our Vedas and Upnishads, for blood and sweat of our ancestors we must try our best to protect it, the great knowledge must not be lost, our ancestors gave their lives protecting it.
We all must remain together and this feeling of being together is Hindutva, it "unites"
That's why they keep attacking Hindutva because their propaganda will fail if Hindus are united if we are together we will resist their attacks effectively and we will reclaim our former glory
A Hindu without Hindutva is Hindu for namesake only, a Hindu who is not proud of his culture, ancestors, ancient knowledge and traditions is not worthy of being called Hindu.
That's why they hate Hindutva and that's why
"Attack on Hindutva is attack on Hindus"
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