IMHO, we have still not lost the leash, our morality rate is still one of the lowest.

If we aggressively & intelligently test, trace and isolate, can limit the spread.

Then each one of us has a huge responsibility to the people around us, behave responsibly.

Please be safe!
#COVID19 is not a sprint, it is a long we should show the endurance and tenacity to fight it out.

Let that sink in that, we still seen the frightening stage of the virus, as I told you, this July will be crucial - as it for the very first time test our systems.
That doesn't mean that July is not the peak, but in July we will see how big the wave is coming, which comes to devour us all.

August-September months are going to be frightening numbers.

Passing all bucks to the Government is not going to solve anything. So it js on all of us
I heard from Chattisgarh are also losing their control, after doing a commendable job...some even blame it on the difference of opinion at the top.

Depressing fact is that instead of unifying politicians & people, this pandemic is dividing us! We are destined to be doomed!
We seen what happened in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. We seen naked ambition for power and toppling Govts using money and muscle power!

Let me remind you what Dutch PM done? Dutch PM appointed opposition minister as new Health Secretary.

That is the way, we have to fight it
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