Hee hee hee ha ha ha ho ho ho
I'd give you THREE guesses what that foreign influence operation aimed at influencing Congress was, and who was MOST ACTIVE in being influenced by it, but you're only going to need ONE GUESS, won't you?
For YEARS RussiaGate truthers in the media and Congress told everybody it was @DevinNunes and @Jim_Jordan and @MarkMeadows being "influenced" by the "Russian disinformation" known as....[drumroll, please.....]

That's....not what happened.

From the **earliest days** people with their HEADS SCREWED ON RIGHT were wondering if Steele was being used to FEED THE FBI RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION from the Kremlin to target @realDonaldTrump, @GenFlynn, @carterwpage, & others.
This was revealed MONTHS ago, that serious intel professionals were WARNING the Steele dossier was riddled with Russian disinfo & the FBI, St, Dept., CIA & others were BRIEFING MEMBERS OF CONGRESS about it as if were REAL & had been VERIFIED.

People like, oh let's say...
...these two losers.
And so now...ha ha ha....now Schumer and Pelosi...hee hee hee....Warner and most of ALL...ho ho ho...SCHIFF...are suddenly SCREAMING for the FBI to come BRIEF THEM about something they are claiming **they just learned right this very minute!!!!***
Notice what Grenell said there:

The briefing that Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer & Warner are all **LOUDLY ASKING FOR** right now already happened WEEKS AGO.

And notice what he says: it was the Gang of 8 and **others who were impacted** that received that briefing.
Now let me DRAW YOUR ATTENTION to one of the most CURIOUS aspects of this whole SpyGate scandal:

a patriot who was an actual real live honest-to-God CIA asset who had JUST HELPED BREAK UP A RUSSIAN SPY RING & put a Russian spy in jail was turned into a "Russian agent".
Now, we all know at **this** point, for the FBI Crossfire Hurricane team to pull off the amazing magic trick of morphing @carterwpage, intrepid CIA asset, into a dirty rotten no-good Russian spy, they had to do TWO things:

[yeah I'd be be pissed too]
1) they had to HIDE the fact the CIA had **directly told them** Page was their asset, a good guy doing good work


2) they had to sneak Steele's fake anti-Page allegations from God-knows-where into the FISA warrant & get it approved without it being verified or challenged.
This sudden call for a briefing by the top Dems in Congress has to do with the SECOND thing: where the fake allegations in the FISA warrant **actually came from**.

Steele got away with claiming for 3 1/2 years it came from his "subsource" with his own intel network.
Well guess what? We now KNOW the guy who Steele **claimed** as his source for the "Carter Page is a Russian agent!" allegations in that FISA warrant has **disavowed** being the source.

We learned this in IG Horowitz's FISA Abuse report in December.
Where **Steele actually got that allegation passed on to the FBI is now very very important**.

He did not, in fact, get it from think tank Russian expert Igor Danchenko. Danchenko has told the FBI he **never** told Steele Page was a Russian agent or provided any evidence.
This brings up a mic drop of a possibility. Steele used a Russian source he has been **hiding** all this time for the Carter Page allegations.

Danchenko was a fake cut out.

Somebody Steele could name as the source to the FBI while hiding the real source.
A paid political operative working for the Hillary Clinton campaign getting handed ACTUAL RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION to accuse Carter Page of being a Russian agent, giving it to the FBI, who then used it in a surveillance warrant WOULD BE THE EPIC REVEAL THIS SCANDAL DESERVES!
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