See everyone love to shout “defund the cops” because makes them feel good emotionally, but they have nothing to say if you simply ask them: IF we defunded cops, who would brutalize veterans and break their hands?
Who would tear-gas large crowds of middle-aged mothers if we didn’t pay police over half our city’s operating budget to do it? Who would crack the skulls of our aged fathers and walk past him as he bleeds? If cops were gone, who would wage brutal war against your neighbors? You?
If ICE weren’t here, who would menace our city with kidnapping and extrajudicial punishment against the will of local populations and in contempt of local officials?

These agencies provide a needed service, and all the money we need for school and infrastructure is a fair price.
I’m sorry, but as a conservative moderate I just have to say: defunding the lawless mob of highly-paid thugs in military gear who are deputized to gleefully murder my fellow citizens with total impunity? With no replacement plan? A little bit too radical and extreme for my taste.
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