I assume credit for the below should be attributed to @WarNuse, who is an excellent follow & does some of the most thorough & detailed work I’ve ever seen on social media.

If Q posted that & I missed it as he did w the Obama/Biden photos (ct’d below), I don’t know who to credit. https://twitter.com/temple83514243/status/1285006902523580418
Oddly enough, while crediting anons for finding the photos, Q curiously didn’t link to the tweets from which were essentially copied w/o attribution. I don’t believe he doesn’t know where the images came from. Is he trying to tell us something & we all completely missed it?
Q is extremely diligent & has the means to determine where the image came from. Q doesn’t plagiarize. If there are any other examples of Q posting images & contents of a tweet verbatim & not linking to it (attribution) I must have missed it. Am I overthinking things? 🤔 Thoughts?
Here are the images from Q drops 4508 & 4512.

#Qanon post 4508: /read/4508

Q post 4512: /read/4512

Check the dates on both drops & tweets. Q says everything has meaning. This is definitely not consistent w his style. #WWG1WGA #ObamaBidenGate #Qdrop
Those images were taken from this @WarNuse thread:

#Qanon #QAnon2020 #WWG1WGA #TreasonousObama #ObamaBidenGate #ObamaGate #BidenGate #DemocratsTheEnemyWithin

Why no attribution? Someone please explain. https://twitter.com/warnuse/status/1195146932110397440
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