The difference between Socialists and Capitalists.

Socialist: Wants to create an economy where no one is poor and everyone gets a slice of the wealth.

Capitalist: Willing to do anything, even kill the planet, to stop that.
Socialist: Make sure the Climate Emergency is reversed due to Capitalism and oil usage.

Capitalist: Invest in fossil fuels and kill vast amounts of the animal kingdom in the process.
Socialist: Keep the rain forests and invest in making more green spaces.

Capitalist: Destroy rain forests and get as many people to cities so we can put them to work for less than a living wage.
Socialist: Make sure everyone has a roof over their heads.

Capitalist: Make sure people work 2 to 3 jobs to make the Capitalist richer.

This is not rocket science people.
Socialist: Holiday pay, living wage, affordable child care.

Capitalist: No paid holidays, less wages, pay through the teeth for child care so you can't afford food for said children.
Socialist: Government supplied health care costs.

Capitalist: Are you kidding? die you fuckers. We have money and will build bunkers if climate change is real. Drill the Arctic to piss off the Libs.
Socialist: Let's live in peace and unity with the rest of the world.

Capitalist: Fuck that, exploit poor nations, take their resources, install dictators if the people don't comply.
Socialist: We are in the majority and just want a better world for every living thing on the planet.

Capitalist: Snowflakes. Let's kill every living thing for money.
I've run out of superlatives. End of thread.
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