Consideration for MAPS, a thread

The takeaway from @D__Nickles piece is that if MAPS wants to “integrate anti-racist practices” in order to “work for collective liberation,” it's necessary to acknowledge & disavow the strategy it's taken: centering the cops & military
Re cops: "The authorities created the police in response to large, defiant crowds. That’s strikes in England, [worker] riots in the N. US, and the threat of slave insurrections in the South. So the police are a response to crowds, not to crime."
Cops uphold the US white supremacist order, which was created "to secure an obedient labor supply to keep shipping goods, materials and profits back to [Britain].”
The Mercers’ firm, Cambridge Analytica, tested “thinly veiled forms of racism toward African Americans called ‘race realism,’” a “new label for…‘scientific racism’...or research dedicated to proving the scientific inferiority of black people...”
ADL: “When...Trump named Bannon as his chief strategist, numerous well-known white supremacists celebrated the appointment. David Duke called the selection of Bannon “excellent,” adding that Bannon was “basically creating the ideological aspects of where we’re going.”
MAPS’ has both courted and repeatedly used Steve Bannon in presentations to evidence their success at achieving “bipartisan support” (read: courting reactionaries).
MAPS has accepted $250k from Christian Angermayer (founder of ATAI), who is the sole funder for MAPS’ Israel/Palestine conflict resolution study. Angermayer serves as an advisor to Rwandan dictator Kagame. Kagame’s regime has committed numerous human rights abuses.
“Christian didn’t hesitate for very long at all & he said, ‘Well how much is that gonna cost?’ I said well, it’s £100k in year 2 & year 3. And so Christian said alright I’ll donate that. But he wanted to be the only donor and make it his project.”
Human Rights Watch stated “At the time, Kagame came close to condoning Karegeya’s murder in a public speech: “Any person still alive who may be plotting against Rwanda, whoever they are, will pay the price…Whoever it is, it is a matter of time.”
HRW “Documented numerous cases of arbitrary arrests, detentions, prosecutions, killings, torture, enforced disappearances, threats, harassment, and intimidation against [Kagame’s] government opponents and critics in Rwanda.” 15/33
Angermayer tweets at Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame saying “You rock!” - Read: The person funding MAPS’ conflict resolution study is telling a dictator with a long list of human rights abuses he rocks.
Angermayer retweets spin-master Frank Luntz’s assertions that equate Confederate statues with the Auschwitz Memorial. Wow. 20/33
These tweets speak for themselves.

Aged well, aye, @C_Angermayer? For more tomfoolery see
Perhaps MAPS has failed to take a stance against Thiel due to his investments in COMPASS and ATAI. COMPASS and ATAI founders have donated at least $705k to MAPS. Receipts:
And finally, excluding instances of sexual-misconduct by MAPS-affiliated researchers, Halperngate is perhaps the biggest psychedelic scandal of the past 20 years that few talk about.
Note MAPS researcher & DEA snitch Halpern’s paternalism re: Indigenous Americans @7:15: “Would I be working with Indians on...peyote actually being healthy for them? Finally giving them some strength to stand up stronger to the government?”
Doblin’s disregard for communal safety re: Halpern’s snitching & Thiel’s policing demonstrate mainstreaming at any cost. But don’t worry, he’s in “good” company. Alleged perp of serial “sexual misconduct” @nmgoldsmith agrees research comes first.
Please see the statement below by Horizons Perspectives on Psychedelics for the source regarding Neal M. Goldsmith
There’s plenty more to be said, but we’ll leave it at that for now. How about them apples? Errr...cherries.
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