Bannon & Bass (Sounds like & old money law firm or something...) are connected, have been connected to this guy's (Anti-CCP?) efforts since Bannon left the campaign. (probably before) This guy is running a sophisticated Influence Operation. Bannon is paid 1million a year from him
On Bannon: 1) Supported lock downs 2) Support Black Rock to handle corona relief efforts 3) Worked directly with Priebus to block MAGA people getting into the Admin 4) Supports Fauci. Bannon is doing all this while getting paid by an Influence Agent of the CCP.
Bannon pushes another relief package (1 trillion) and has been pushing for Fauci to do the daily Corona Briefings again.

Neither of those things above are in the public's or the Trump Admins best interests.
Who benefits from the above. Wall Street. Bannon, no matter what he says, is a Wall Street guy.

Bannon getting pushed back into the public w. Admin is Wall Street weighing in.

Bannon is not a MAGA dude. He is a Wall Street dude

Watch for more of Mr Bannon. It ain't good.
Influence Agents are with you 95% of the time. Another one of these is @SebGorka who has close ties to Bannon. They talk the talk. But at a critical time, when you really need them, they go off script & b/c the subject you want to influence is so deeply/publicly associated @POTUS
w/ them. It makes the target have to cover the slip. Example Trump says end the wars, get out of Syria. @SebGorka goes on Fox and argues the exact opposite. Plays up Mathis, degenerates LTC Macgreggor watch the first few minutes
IA's are a key component of political warfare. They are very tough to spot, like I said, they are with you most of the time.

But when you need them....Oh, did I mention never trust a Britt? That goes for Bankers too. Bannon at his core is a International Money Guy...a Banker.
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