small thread on VD Savarkar
Savarkar was inspired by 3 chapekar brothers who killed then DM of Pune

Later founded "Abhinava Bharat" and propagated armed resistance British
Under Savarkar's leadership 2 murders were committed
1 DM of Nashik
2 Curzon Wyllie in London
got arrested in London in march 1910
" a Konkanstha Brahmin was 1 of the dangerous men that India has produced"

On 1st July 1910 Savarkar was made to board S.S. Morea
soon boarding S.S. Morea Savarkar escaped(pic1)

at last on October 1910 British Govt got Savarkar in its custody(pic2)
charges applied on Savarkar
fear of Savarkar on British govt(red coloured underlined)

great words by Savarkar after trial ended(sky coloured)
details analysis of the Punishment/ sentence of Savarkar

unconditional release in 1937 probably because of apology letter
these r the remarkable things savarkar did while remaining in Jail
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