#Kinkyshima2020 Prompt 6: Mouth/Oral

🙌Buddies who bone
👄Oral Fixation
🔧Quirks during sex (this helps with the teeth)
😬Teeth-on-peen (no one gets hurt)
👌Solo time with toys
🤙What’s manlier than bros helpin’ bros?
What happens when a dude has a quirk problem during sex? What if one bro's problem is another bro's kink? That's right, bros: you help a bro out, because THAT'S WHAT BROS DO.

Read the longform here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25399075 
The prompt for this is oral but I had a horny af idea about Tetsu’s metal dick and then my girl Ginger confirmed that that is very horny so it’s included here in full, because I like it, ok? Ready to bro down? We goin’ down to bone town.

Kirishima Eijirou has a dildo problem.

Not a problem /with/ dildos, mind you; he just has to buy a lot of them because they break from his...somewhat aggressive use of them.
Glass ones are fine but they’re a bit dangerous in his...unique situation. He can’t afford the really expensive exotic materials like marble or stainless steel, because they’re usually custom-made and he’s just a freshly-minted hero sidekick with no money to speak of.
He prefers the silicone ones for texture and variety but they’re just so easy to chew through.

That’s right. He’s got a couple he likes to ride, but he /needs/ them for his oral fixation.
It started in high school when he sucked his first dick (he won’t say who it was - it’s not manly to suck and tell). There was a moment of revelation when he wrapped his lips around that first not-his-own-penis.

Cock flooded all his senses.
The shifted perspective from that low-down angle and the sight of that cut dick all flushed, slightly curving, pretty almost.

The smell of musk & sweat, something tantalizingly masculine, overpowering & overwhelming. The sound of saliva &slick sliding slurps, sloppy & slow.
And the taste.

Oh, the taste of it. Sweet and salty and something else.

But it was the feel of it that hooked him.

Such soft skin over hard heat brushing over his lips, warm and alive in his hand.
The way he had to stretch his jaw wider to avoid scraping it with his teeth. The insistent press of the rounded tip, wet and willful against the roof of his mouth, the inside of his cheeks, the opening of his throat.
He came in his pants that first time, untouched, as he held onto the other boy’s thighs with both hands, eyes watering as he pulled the entire damn thing into his mouth and pressed his nose into scratchy pubes.
His jaw ached and his breathing was too shallow through his nose. He felt light-headed, with his entire being focused on the way it felt to have a cock filling his mouth completely and cumming in it with hot, salty spurts.
It took a few more dicks (different ones, for science) for Kirishima to find out that, much as he loved sucking cock, he wasn’t considered...the best at it.

Mostly it was because of his teeth.

Hence the dildos.
Nonetheless, Kirishima takes cock up the ass like a goddamn champ. Loves it, can’t get enough of it, great stuff. Hell, he’ll even sling it if he’s really feeling it. But what he /wants/ is to choke on a dick ruthlessly fucking his face.

Apparently that’s too much to ask for.
When he first figured out the dildo solution - thanks to Mina’s sage advice - he started with a regular ol’ silicone number.

He smacked that respectable 7 inch suction-cup baby to the shower wall and got on his knees to see how far he could deepthroat it.
Magic. So good. And he didn’t have to be so careful with the sharp points of his teeth.

That lasted maybe three tries.

On the third one, he threw caution to the wind and ended up shredding through the silicone. The bigger ones also met the same fate.
Now, having lost more dildos to his chompers than he could count - or afford - Kirishima is getting desperate.

Enter: one Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu.


“You got a minute, bro?”

Kirishima’s all ears. His buddy Tetsu needs him, and he will answer the bro call.

“Can I ask you a...personal question, man to man?”

“Man-o a man-o. I like it. Super manly. Hit me, T-4.”
“It’s kinda embarrassing. Like, really embarrassing. About my quirk.”

“Dude. You’re talking to the right bro. Whatever it is, I see you.”

“OK. But you gotta keep this on the DL.”

“You have my word as a manly man.”
Tetsu looks around the agency locker room to make sure it’s empty.


It takes Kirishima a few brow-scrunching moments to puzzle out the problem.

“You mean, like, you get hard but not /hard/ hard when you get down?”
“No, I mean I get /hard/ hard and then when I’m too excited I get /metal/ hard. Then if it’s really, uh, exciting, I get...harder. It’s like I can’t turn it off.”

“Huh. Do you feel stuff when you’re in Steel Mode?”

“Yeah, kinda. Not a lot of...sensation gets through.”
“Can you...uh, finish like that?”

“Sort of...I have to really concentrate to un-steel myself to blow a load, but after I do it just seems to get worse. It takes a while after I finish for everything to just...get back to normal.”

“Like a minute a while or like an hour a while?”
“Maybe like five, ten minutes. Depends on how...exciting things get. Totally wipes me out. I’m useless after I cum once, if I even can. It’s bad. No one wants me to dick them down anymore. No one wants to cuddle a steel statue.+
+ They say I’m ‘exhausting’ and that I should just stick to giving head. And that’s great and all, but...I just wanna, you know.../fuck/. It’s been /months/ since I got any.”

Kirishima ponders this.
“So what you’re saying is that when you get sexually aroused your quirk activates as a reflex, causing your entire body, including your penis, to harden into steel, minimizing your erogenous sensitivity. You then have to force yourself to soften enough to ejaculate, +
+ whereupon your body retains its rigid form until your arousal period subsides at a rate generally proportionate to your level of exertion during sexual activity. This leaves you with a protracted erection that is proving undesirable to your sexual partners post-coitus. Right?”
“Bro, when did you get so smart?”

“When I started suckin’ nerd dicks.”


“No. I just got tired of falling behind in school.”

“Oh. So. Got any ideas about what I can do?”
Kirishima would be lying if he said that he’d have to think about it. But Kirishima is not a liar. He’s heard enough to know that this is a job for some bros helping bros action.

Very specific bros.

“Hey, wait a minute… We could fuck,” he says as casually as he can.

“Yeah. You & me. I’ve got a bit of a problem, too, and I think we might just be able to help each other out if you know what I mean.”

Tetsu looks at Kirishima - really looks at him - and thinks about the possibilities. Kirishima watches Tetsu’s thoughts play out across his face.
For someone who can harden into steel, his face is as readable as ink on paper.

“OK, Sure. Let’s give it a try.”

“Are you sure about this, brodawg?” Tetsu asks for the umpteenth time.

“I’m totally sure, broski. We both have tough quirks, we both have needs, we trust each other...it’ll be great.”

“I just don’t want this to come between us - “
“That’s what he said.” they both say at the same time, hi-fiving.

“Seriously, bro, this won’t change our friendship. I promise.”

Kirishima is looking over Tetsu’s collection of lube. He owns several bottles of various kinds, since different partners have different needs.
But lube is necessary when you’re working with someone who can turn into steel at any moment.

Among the flavored lube options, Kirishima spots Summer Strawberry. Water based, no weird additives, looks good.
He snaps open the cap and squeezes some out onto his finger to taste.

/Nice. Going with this one./

He’s swirling his tongue around his finger when he sees Tetsu watching him suck on his lubed-up digit.
Kirishima can’t help the grin on his face when he sees a little blush on his bro’s cheeks. The grin falls when Tetsu hits him with the concerned look again.

“What if you hate it? What if you hate /me/? What if I’m really just a hunk of metal that no one wants to climb on?”
“I /promise/ I’m not going to hate it. And if I did, I swear on the bro code that I’d tell you honestly. I could never hate you, brodude. Bros forever.”

“OK. Good. Great. So… how do we, uh...”

“I’d say getting naked is a good start.”
“Right!” Stripping naked is something Tetsu understands, so being back in comfortable territory puts the grin back on his face.

Nude and fully dudes, the two stand in the middle of Tetsu’s room, wondering if it’s crossing some sort of bro line to kiss.
They tacitly agree not to, and instead they look at each other fully, in a way that doesn’t happen in the locker room or at the gym.

They take the time to study each other’s bodies in a decidedly un-bro-y way.
They’re both well aware of the similarities between them, and Tetsu has it on good authority that their resemblance is all over.

This is something they can now confirm.

Kirishima thinks it’s a bit like he’s going to fuck himself, but in a sexy way.
It sends a shiver of anticipation up his spine to think about all the ways he’s not going to have to hold back in this case.

Tetsu is hung and even without his metal quirk and an erection, the monster hanging between those thick thighs looks like it could punch someone out.
Tetsu can’t help but salivate at the incredibly manly shape Kirishima cuts, all rugged & strong even when he’s not using his quirk. How the sharp points of teeth glint in his mouth, how he dominates a space even without trying. Tetsu feels like he can trust him to take charge.
Speaking of taking charge, Kirishima does when he sits down on the low bed and pulls Tetsu to stand between his legs, flashing him a shark-toothed grin.

Kirishima takes a moment to enjoy his favorite way to look at a man: from below the waist.
Tetsu’s still a little nervous, so he’s not hard or /hard/ quite yet, so Kirishima helps him out by lifting Tetsu’s dick and putting the whole thing in his mouth.

It makes Tetsu gasp.
Tetsu squeaks when Kirishima’s hand comes up to fondle his balls, rolling them gently in his thick fingers /just right/ and he wonders idly whether this is what Kirishima does to his own balls.
Meanwhile, Kirishima has a mouth full of cock, so he’s happy as a fuckin’ clam. It’s /heavy/, still wrinkled and soft but the sheer weight of it has Kirishima’s pulse racing. His own dick is already hard, though he ignores it for the time being.
/Dick is delicious/, he thinks, rolling his tongue along the underside of Tetsu’s prime specimen.

Tetsu is warming to the situation now, eyes closed and head tilted back, one hand on Kirishima’s head and the other playing with his nipples.
Kirishima feels Tetsu’s dick growing fuller and hotter, and he opens his mouth wider to accommodate the swell. He pulls off a little, keeping the tip in his mouth and bringing a hand up to work the base while still rolling Tetsu’s ballsack.
“Fuck,” Tetsu says quietly above him. Kirishima glances upward and catches Tetsu looking at him.

He locks eyes and rolls his head so the tip of Tetsu’s cock swirls on his slippery tongue.
Salty precum drips from the bulbous head and Kirishima sucks on it like a popsicle, slurping noisily, hollowing his cheeks. He bobs his head forward and back, taking more of Tetsu’s now-hard length into his mouth.
It’s gonna be...hard to do - Kirishima gives himself a mental hi-five for his silent /that’s what he said/ - but mama didn’t raise no bitch.

He’s practiced on some large toys and has learned to control his gag reflex on them.
Still, this one is thick as a bottle of beer and all ten inches of it are never going to fit into his face unless he can get his jaw wider. That, and to take more cock in without his teeth shredding it to bits.
/Patience/, Kirishima thinks, letting his lips curl around the sharp points of his teeth and sucking rhythmically at what fits in easily.

Tetsu is hard, but he’s still only flesh. Kirishima ups his game to turn Tetsu on enough to trigger his quirk.
Kirishima starts to moan with each suck, lingering with it in his mouth before pulling back, running his thumb over the prominent vein at the base, squeezing his fingers tighter.

That seems to do the trick, because Tetsu gasps and tightens his hand in Kirishima’s hair.
“It’s happening, bro. I can’t stop it. Please. If you wanna back out, you gotta do it now…”

Kirishima answers by taking Tetsu’s fat dick deeper and rolling his tongue, letting out a truly lewd moan that reverberates down Tetsu’s length.
When he pulls off, he lets the tip pop out with a wet sound and licks his lips, red from being stretched.

He dives under to take Tetsu’s balls into his mouth, circling each one with his tongue, licking the skin, breathing deeply through his nose and savoring the funk.
His dick twitches, and he lets a hand drop down to his lap and tugs at it.

Tetsu sees Kirishima jerking his own huge cock and groans.

The sound is like wrought iron and Kirishima feels it the moment Tetsu hardens.
It’s fascinating, and a part of Kirishima’s mind tries to analyse it. The effect starts at Tetsu’s pelvis, just the skin from the base of his cock radiating out towards his hips turns shiny and solid before his eyes. It’s like a thin coating of steel, flexible and almost pliant.
He’d somehow thought it would be like scales or armor, giving him mobility and range of movement - he hadn’t expected this more dipped-in-molten-metal effect.

/It’s kinda pretty/, he thinks, until the rippling of hard metal runs from base to tip, like ice freezing rapidly.
But the metal is warm to the touch, his hand squeezing experimentally at the base. It’s solid, but with the tiniest bit of give. No trace of pale skin.

Much like his own rocky hardening quirk, the shape mirrors the body part but at this strength it doesn’t change the size.
Unlike his own quirk, however, there are no jagged edges, no distortions. It’s like someone made a metal cast of his bro’s dick.

“It’s perfect,” Kirishima breathes, letting go of Tetsu’s balls to just hold this enormous metal cock with both hands and stare at it.
He wraps his lips around the metal tip.

It’s like putting a spoon in your mouth - neutral metal, but distinct if you let yourself think about the taste, and smooth on his tongue. With enough force, it bends. He rolls his head again, testing the limits of the metal’s flexibility.
“Uh, this is it, bro. I can’t stop it from here, and I’m losing feeling. You don’t have to keep going if you don’t HOLY FUCK!”

Kirishima bites down experimentally.

“Oh FUCK I felt that and holy shit bro...that...that felt...FUCKING AMAZING. Oh fuck. Do it again.”
Kirishima does a little dance of victory in his head as he starts to gnaw on the steel dick in his mouth, relishing the press of his stony teeth into the metal.

His gums that ache with the need to /chew/ and /rend/ are sated, a deep itch scratched, a pressure relieved.
There’s a little flex to the metal, but no matter how hard he bites it doesn’t puncture. He’s in heaven.

Tetsu’s cock is so thick that the only way forward is with a scrape of teeth along the metal shaft.
He pushes his head forward until the tip touches the back of his throat, eyes falling shut at the sensation as he directs just a hint of his quirk to the muscles of his throat, hardening them. Kirishima revels in the rush of focusing his quirk.
Like a stone vise squeezing, it pulls another gasp of surprise from Tetsu.

Kirishima pulls off again and breathes hard, looking up at Tetsu’s flushed face. The steel is spreading, covering his abs and curving around his hips to his ass, creeping down his thighs.
“Bro, you’re perfect,” Kirishima says again, and Tetsu’s breath hitches.

“I...I want to ask you something, bro.”

“/Anything/ for you, dude.”
“I want you to fuck my face as hard as you can. Like it’s not even me. I’m not gonna break - you know that. You felt that, right?” Kirishima reaches for the lube and drizzles a good amount over the stiff shaft, jutting out, unmoving.
Tetsu nods mutely, transfixed as Kirishima wraps a hand back around the base and starts to stroke, coating him in strawberry lube.

“Please. Bro. Tetsu. Fuck my face.”
Tetsu can’t quite believe he’s hearing the words, but Kirishima looks so desperate for his cock, lips parted and red, eyes wet and wide, dick straining upward between his muscular thighs.
He brings both hands up to Kirishima’s head and cards his fingers almost tenderly through the red strands.

Then he tightens his grip and pulls Kirishima forward so that his parted lips engulf his swollen steel shaft.
Slowly, steadily, Tetsu pulls with his hands and pushes with his hips, spit and lube easing him past the pointed teeth. Tetsu pulls back, and repeats the process.

It’s easy enough, and the flutter of Kirishima’s eyelashes as he relaxes into Tetsu’s grip gives him confidence.
Soon he’s pulling harder and thrusting in, the wet sounds of Kirishma’s mouth and his tight throat are loud in the room, and Tetsu can /almost/ feel it. But what gets his heart racing is the sight of his shaft pumping in and out of a willing hole.
Just a hole. A hot, wet hole that just wants to be filled, just made to take his cock. Kirishima’s face is red, his mouth distended, jaw wide and throat gulping, crying tears of effort as Tetsu builds speed.
“You like this, huh? Wanna be my fuckhole? Doesn’t matter what you want, bitch, you’re just a fucktoy just a hole to fill like this, that’s right. Fuck take all of it, choke on my fucking cock, bitch FUCK…”
The warmth of Kiri’s mouth and the friction against his teeth gets through. He feels /heat/ where he can’t feel pressure.

Metal may not bend, but it sure does conduct temperature. It makes him moan, overjoyed to discover that he can finally /feel/ even when his quirk is haywire.
Chasing that heat, that sensation that seeps in through the surface and fills him with sensation, Tetsu’s pace is furious.

His fingers grip in red strands, eyes locked on the seated form before him.
Kirishima’s practically a ragdoll, letting Tetsu’s hands in his hair yank him forward and back, eyes rolled up in his head and choking around on cock.

The sounds he’s making, sloppy sounds, gurgling and gulping, dripping drool and moaning around the mouthful...
The sight and sound of it all kicks Tetsu in the guts and he knows he’s going to cum, even through his quirk. He feels insane as his body tenses within his hardened skin.

“Fuck fuck fuck! TAKE IT cockslut bitch YES fuck CUMMING FUCK YES HOLY SHIT!”
Kirishima swallows down every drop of Tetsu’s load, pulling off and swirling his tongue over the head to lap up the last of it, savoring the distinct metallic tang.
Tetsu seems to freeze up in the instant of ejaculation, his whole body tensed and the steel hardening driving deeper into his flesh, running over his shoulders and up his neck, down his thighs and to his toes.
Kirishima pauses in his swallowing to watch, transfixed, as Tetsu becomes a literal man of steel, like a horny hung statue.

His voice is rough with the hard use of his throat as he says, “Bro, that was fucking AWESOME. You’re AMAZING.”
Tetsu wheezes, breathing constricted by the uncontrolled hardening around his ribs. His arms are stiff and his fingers rigid.

“Dude, YOU are the amazing one. Fuck. I didn’t know I could cum like that. But, uh, I seem to be a bit...stuck?”
KIrishima pulls on his hand and finds that Tetsu’s joints work, but it takes some effort to bend at the elbows. Same goes for the knees when he gives them an experimental push.

“Yeah, bro, you’re stuck.”

“Oh lame, dude. You’re still hard and we didn’t get to really fuck.”
“Au contraire, mon bromie. I’ve got an idea and it’s gonna be great. Do you trust me?”

“Dude, I’d take a fuckin’ bullet for you. Without my quirk.”

“Aww, dude! That’s so manly of you! Me, too, bro.”

“Love you, bro.”

“Love you, too. Now, just give me a sec and trust me.”
Kirishima scoots Tetsu back on the shiny soles of his feet and stands, his hard dick brushing up against the solid steel surface of his statue-bro.

With a hand at the soft flesh of his neck and another at his metal waist, he pushes Tetsu over, catching his weight.
Tipping him back to lie on the floor, Kirishima almost giggles, giddy with the idea of his bro’s dick sticking straight up like a flagpole from his hardened body.

He’s really just a statue, blissed out and still steel-hard.
Tetsu lies on the floor, everything but his head and jaw with limited mobility. Steady breaths huff out from between his soft parted lips.

His arms are still bent at the elbows, fingers gripping at nothing. His head is tilted as when he stood he was looking down.
Now he gazes down the length of his shiny body, flexed feet hidden behind the ramrod of his steel dick.

Kirishima disappears from view and Tetsu cranes his neck to catch sight of his bro drizzling strawberry lube on his fingers.
Then Kirishima's shoving them into his asshole with determination, tongue between his teeth, working himself open with practiced efficiency.

“Fuck, you’re so good at that, bro. Teach me your ways.”

“Dude, gladly. Y'just need enough lube & the right angle. Really relax into it.”
Kirishima’s eyes are pinned to the prize, and his dick throbs in anticipation of having that steel cock rearranging his guts. His fingers can’t seem to move fast enough, but he knows it’s gonna be rough if he doesn’t prep.
Tetsu’s still hard and lying there, though the sight of his manly bro fingering himself sends a blush and a tint of steel up to his cheeks.

Finally Kirishima’s able to work four fingers into himself and he’s sweating.
Grabbing the lube again, he can’t help himself if he upends the bottle of lube over that thick shaft like he’s pouring syrup on a sundae. It coats the length of him, slick and sticky, clinging to the smooth steel and catching in the ridges.
Kirishima throws a leg over Tetsu’s waist and lines himself up, holding his cheeks wide as he aims his hole. Tetsu’s eyes are wild, watching as Kirishima wiggles the tip in, warm flesh flexing around hard steel.
They both groan as Kirishima begins to work his way down, breathing and lifting up on his knees, periodically drizzling more lube. It’s slow going, but Tetsu’s got nowhere to be.

/Finally/ Kirishima’s sitting squarely in Tetsu’s lap, and Tetsu’s dick sheathed inside Kirishima.
“Holy shit, I can feel you. It’s so tight, so hot, I can fucking /feel/ you,” Tetsu said with something like awe in his voice.

“Dude, I can’t feel anything /but/ you.”

“Haha, butt.”

“Nice one. Gonna ride this dick now, OK?”

“Go for it, bro.”
Kirishima grabs onto Tetsu’s hands, still curled above him, elbows bent, like a convenient pair of handlebars. Bracing himself, he rises up with the strength of his thighs and slides back down.
The stretch is amazing.

The slide of solid dick is perfect.

The angle is fucking magic.

Kirishima moans breathily and picks up his pace.

With each moan, Tetsu’s metallic hardening spreads as his quirk reflex runs out of control.
Before long, he’s utterly immobile, jaw locked, head motionless as his skin becomes a shell. Only his eyes and tongue move.

Words are hard to form, so he settles on panting and moaning as he loses all sensation except for /heat/.
Kirishima’s body is tight and hot around him, his skin feels like it’s on fire and the warmth of it seeps into the steel of Tetsu’s body, spreading around.

His metal skin is almost hot to the touch, absorbing Kirishima’s body heat and the energy of his exertions.
He bounces up and down, grinds his hips, writhes and wriggles. With one hand stripping his cock and the other gripping Tetsu’s solid arm, Kirishima rides him like the world’s best dildo stuck to the ground.
“YES. YES. THAT. IS. IT. FUCK. FUUUUCK so FUCKING GOOD so fucking deep I’m gonna fucking cum now I can feel it yes let me cum gonna do it gonna GONNA...YES!”

Kirishima’s whole body tenses as every ounce of buildup comes jetting out of his cock, spattering across Tetsu’s abs.
Some even hits Tetsu's chin. His tendons bulge and his eyes roll in his head as his body quakes with aftershocks, sitting heavily in Tetsu’s lap, still impaled on solid steel.

Slumping forward on Tetsu’s handlebar hands, Kirishima breathes like he just fought 50 villains.
When he finally peels himself off of Tetsu, his legs are jelly and his ass feels like he kicked it himself.

But the grin on his face and the floaty feeling in his bones, the ache in his jaw and the rough edge to his voice - they’re worth it.
He practically drags himself to the bathroom where he grabs washcloths and a bottle of all-purpose surface cleaner.

It’s an easy wipe-down. A quick spritz and a buff of a dry washcloth leaves Tetsu shining like a fresh kitchen appliance, gleaming.
Kirishima’s satisfied, Tetsu’s satisfied, and he doesn’t even have to clean out his own ass.

A win for everyone.

Minutes later, Tetsu starts to soften, and Kirishima hauls him onto the bed and rubs his stiff joints with his big warm hands.
By the time Tetsu is flesh again, they’re cuddling and relaxed.



“You’re amazing, bro.”


“Ride of a lifetime.”
“You suck dick like a fuckin’ pro, man.”

“Thanks! That means a lot to me, coming from you.”

“That’s what he said.”

They high-five and Kirishima nestles down into the warm crook of Tetsu’s arms.

:D THE END ~<==8

(that's what he said, lol)
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