Thread of Sidharth's firsts with Shehnaaz after BiggBoss
1st Follow Back to any Bigg Boss Contestant was for Shehnaaz
His 1st post was with Shehnaaz
His 1st performance was with Shehnaaz
His 1st challenge was for Shehnaaz too
His 1st project after BB was with Shehnaaz too
He 1st live with any BB contestant was with Shehnaaz too
His 1st twitter fun banter with Shehnaaz
His 1st like on Shehnaaz post
Sidharth 1st Live with Shehnaaz in Shukla Niwas
His 1st Advertisement with Shehnaaz

Tedhi Hai Par Meri Hai - Sidharth Shukla for Shehnaaz Gill

Sidharth Shehnaaz 1st sketch drawing by cutest young fan ♥️
SidNaaz first pakram pakrayi/ chor police with fan 🤣🌹
. @sidharth_shukla 's 1st comment on @ishehnaaz_gill post that too on 1st SidNaaz Anniversary
His 1st IG post after coming out from BB 14 and he challenged Shehnaaz

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