looking forward to the opposition party taking the presidency you guys https://twitter.com/JesseRodriguez/status/1285186900886790146
one of the biggest crits of obama, even from libs who generally adore him, is that he was *way* too nice to republicans, kept giving them too much benefit of the doubt, never learned from their stonewalling

our response to this is to nominate: his VP, who is even worse on this
like you remember the ACA and how much it pissed you off that we wasted so much time giving republicans time to 'discuss' it and add amendments and ended up getting zero of their votes, and that the bill itself started from GOP ideas

biden will be even worse on this
or you remember merrick garland and how mad it made you that obama intentionally chose someone that republicans praised as a tactic of "see, they CAN'T deny this" after years of them doing exactly that and then they did it again

biden will be worse on this
from eulogizing strom thurmond to doing speeches for a republican's election campaign to shit like "we don't want democrats to have too much power", this is not a guy who is going to fight the GOP tooth and nail. didn't even learn from none of them supporting him on ukraine shit
obama was so fucking horrible on this, and yet biden will be so much worse, because he actually was in office during the 70s and lived the era of whiskey lunches with republicans and he wants that back more than anything in the world. he will literally let people die for this
the republicans will tell him what they think he should do, he will nod and go "thanks, jack", and then he'll publicly propose doing what they said, and then they will denounce his proposal as far left radicalism and counterpropose something much worse and he will never learn
like lol literally during obama's time in office biden even sabotaged efforts of obama's to deal with republicans by going behind his back and offering shit to mcconnell that was way more than what was on the table so far
like he gets called 'the mcconnell whisperer' and you think 'wait, then why wasn't he able to get jack shit from mitch for the entirety of obama's presidency'

unless one literally means "he whispers to mcconnell" in which case, sure, i believe that
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