The sudden surge of Albanian pop stars and their connection to the Albanian mafia

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You might have noticed an unusual and sudden explosion of Albanian pop stars having an remarkable push on the mainstream Top 40 scene in the US and EU territories.

These artists include:

Huge amounts of money to make them happen. Why?
How did a small country with a population of only 2,8M suddenly explode with many relatively similar pop stars, you might wonder?

The answer lies in Albanian mafia and money laundering.
The Albanian mafia (Albanian: Mafia Shqiptare) are the general terms used for criminal organisations based in Albania or composed of ethnic Albanians. They are active in Europe, North America, South America, and various other parts of the world including the Middle East and Asia.
Mafia Shqiptare activities include arms trafficking, murder, extortion, fencing, robbery, human trafficking, blackmailing, loan sharking, drug trafficking, theft, money laundering, assault, pimping, wildlife smuggling, murder and bribery.
The drug smuggling aspect of the Albanian mafia are called Banda Helbanijanc (which translates to "Albanians from hell") and is predicted to exceed 5,6 Million Euro.

This is money that needs laundering and here is where pop stars like @DuaLipa and @RitaOra come into play
The Albanian mafia invests large amount of money into creating careers for these pop performers in order to create an illusion of superstardom.

Their "world tours" are mostly used for this purpose. Let me explain how on the example of a recent @RitaOra concert in Croatia.
Rita Ora's management (controlled by Mafia Shqiptare) booked a concert for a big concert in Zadar, Croatia. They usually choose smaller cities in countries with less media coverage for this operation.

The concert was a huge debacle and reportedly only 4000 tickets were sold.
The tickets for this show weren't selling at all, with media outlets in Croatia calling it a debacle and 100's of free tickets being given away in the media and personally. Some tickets were left on car windshields for people to take.
By reporting 60,000 tickets sold, Rita Ora and her team successfully laundered a large sum of cocaine money.

This is done on a global scale, from the sales of concert tickets, merchandise and advertising deals.
The Albanian Mafia has also recently started using their pop stars for other, more sinister motives.

Their criminal manifesto is deeply ingrained in Albanian nationalism and has a goal of dividing the region, which was previously war-torn.
They are now using the social media accounts of @DuaLipa to spread dangerous, nationalist and abrasive message of "Great Albania" and push propaganda which could lead to another war.
Today, @DUALIPA took it to another level when she posted a revisionist map used by fascists, which aims to divide from neighboring countries and create friction. All under the pretense of "social justice".
For those who don't know what this is, it represents Albanian aspiration, based purely on myths, to create #GraterAlbania by occupying territories of four neighbouring countries: Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. The worst kind of nationalism.
UPDATE: @RitaOra just joined @DuaLipa and posted the same message in a similar graphic style supporting the Albanian agenda.

You can make your own conclusions on who is really pushing these messages.
UPDATE #2: @AvaMax joins in. At this point, they are not even hiding it.
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