On the recent explosions in Iran,
from a comparative perspective

Building on @RZimmt’s research, I dug into IRNA's archives to collect data on major fires and gas explosions which hit Iran in mid May/end July *one year ago* (2019)

(data and methodology: http://bit.ly/3hhj099 ) https://twitter.com/RZimmt/status/1282242341252849664
Excluding fires in green areas, from IRNA archive I recorded at least 97 fires/explosions in 2.5 months. Their seriousness varied a lot but, just like in 2020, also in 2019 there were explosions/fires at power plants, factories, hospitals, research centres, vessels, arms depots.
Comparing 2020 with 2019, the only major difference lies in explosions at military or nuclear centres. Those are worth investigating. But, apart from them, it would make little sense for int.l media to continue covering obsessively every ordinary explosion in Iran, wouldn't it?
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