All these boy-friend vibes 🌊
This sweater weather cover is everything ✨✨
His huge bambi eyes 👁👄👁
Many still doesn’t know but Jaebeom used to have a SoundCloud account where he posted his self produced songs
[I’m mad they deleted his account, I can’t find it anymore]
I really hope we get to see producer Jaebeom in the future because this boi can produce songs like this *chefs kiss*
He can rap too, an all rounder indeed 👐✨
I found this :) if you guys want to listen
Please go listen to his SELF PRODUCED SONGS. They deserves recognition
Here’s him singing Justin Bieber’Nothing like us’
Paper hearts cover by our all rounder Jaebeom
I think he really likes Justin Bieber
SOPA high schooler
I finally found this 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
He has done many covers please search it up and listen to them because they’re all a masterpiece 😌😌😌 if you have come this far and still don’t stan him idk but you’re missing out
I call this Jaelloween 🎃 👻
Drop the skincare routine juiceyo
Shocked by his own visual
Not pre-show but I think everyone needs a reminder that we got this Jaebeom
Sleep on this Not this
Now stop sleeping on Jaebeom and stop saying that he doesn’t deserve to stay in Iland because this boy is super talented and as everyone there he is working very hard. So stop your hate. If you hate the boys but still watch everything they do bish know that you’re a fan too :))
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