A nice attempt at vilification of a system that works, and fairly well... even in "current year."

I got a cup of tea, a couple of aspirins, do you? Well, on with it...
See this, how the lines are drawn very clearly, leaving no doubts in mind. Liberal good, conventional is regressive == bad.
Of course, she, just exists, and must be thanked for merely existing. Woe betide anyone who may take an interest in what shakti will bring to the marriage.
In Telugu, there's a rather crude, but a phrase that effectively captures this... "naccedi rambha." That is to say, if you like her, she's but Rambha... Sed lyf, but it is what it is. Goes both ways fwiw.

Well, lib-art degree is of less worth than tp bag at beginning of Wu-flu.
Education may also hint at one's interests/ leanings, than merely one's line of study/ work.

Various jatis have diff traditions, some are more restrictive, & unless you have grown with such, it gets tough. Something as simple as dietary restrictions may create discord.
I'd like to a take a few seconds here, and note how these pro-diversity vallahs, they absolutely hate attempts to save diverse traditions, as you may find in our country.

Some may merely hint, but some will be more explicit about such.
Of course not, you're a shakti with liberal arts degree. I won't expect anything less from a shakti.
Yes, how dare the poor dumbfuck expect you to understand his predicament.
Whew, they dodged a bullet innit?
Ahem, may be the realisation won't hit anytime soon, but it was not a system, it was you, you did all those things yourself.
No... it can't be... Shaktis asking for too much... non possibru.
I suppose we're now going through the part, where one indulges in "listen and believe?"
I don't know if she saved herself, but certainly saved the life of the guy, his family indeed.
... but that would be common sense, and we can't expect Shaktis to think and act rationally. That is just plain oppression.
I would think trying to ascertain a clean bill of health(given prevalence of STDs it would fall under that), and willingness to start a family(what are you marrying for, tax benefits?) is but common sense... but am no shakti so whatever do i know?
It's fine if they have a maid, a mother in law even doing all that, but they shouldn't be expected to do any of that... shakti life matters.

It matters more than other shaktis in the household, just go through provisions of 498A etc., if you don't believe me :P
lol, that guy wasn't being reduced to a "mating bull" at all. Evaluated on his physical traits, his earning potential, his family's wealth etc.

Shaktis liu in clouds... no touch with reality.
All this rudali raag, while women in west are complaining about "lack of good men," ones whom they find attractive, and those who earn more than them.

Oh wait, doesn't arranged marriage address those issues? However, it may just be too much common sense. https://archive.is/spjTR 
An older thread addressing a hit-job on arranged marriage. https://twitter.com/bahutbadadanda/status/976978576510734337
An article included in the thread, pointing to studies in west, suggesting arranged marriages work out better than any modern alternatives. https://twitter.com/bahutbadadanda/status/977017397113774080?s=20
"In defense of arranged marriage."

Do read... https://twitter.com/PaganTrad/status/830332618889650177?s=20
Thank you for your time. 🙏
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