I can never pretend to have the same energy for false accusations as I do for rape, because 99% of rape victims don't get justice. Expecting feminists who are public villains because they fight against sexual violence, to lift up their voices to further your agenda....
Which is rather transparent, as most of your tweets have to do with either insulting feminists, or discrediting "social justice" or rape organizations, instead of focusing on the unfortunate victim of the alleged incident, speaks volumes.
...and this is coming from someone who has, very publicly on this same app, been falsely accused of rape and abuse. My modus operandi will always be to believe and support victims first cos MOST of the time, they aren't lying.
And to those who think its cute to lie about rape and sexual assault, and possibly ruin another persons life in the process, further the atmosphere of mistrust and disbelief, AND make it tough on those who are already scared to speak out, fuck you, honestly.
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