Shri Ram Mandir, view of an Ex secular 🙏:
The Ram Janam bhoomi that's sacred to thousands of Hindus world wide had an an ancient temple even before 5th century CE
The Temple was destroyed by Babur in 16th Century.
It was a norm for Mughals to destroy & replace Hindu monuments
In an attempt to erase the culture.
There were 40,000 temples destroyed, officially confirmed, although there were thousands more.
Tulsidas in his way described the destruction of the temple.
It was presented too in court year 2003, however it was secularly hidden till 2010
Thanks to Justice Agrawal for pointing it
In short it describes how Brahmins were killed, forcibly converted. People were persecuted for doing Bhajan. Mandir was broken. Tulsi Das ji was heartbroken. He said people are forced to wear pajamas, do [email protected] & cover heads
He said he doesn't know when will the day come when his Ram would return to his home.
Meer b@ki in order to please [email protected] broke the temple. People are crying

After Independence, the first thing as per me that should have been done is re establish the cultural identity of country4
The invaders name must have been deleted. But no. We secularly hung on to them to please a section of people who would never feel safe, even after 70 more years.
Vishwa Hindu parishad demanded the reconstruction of this 1 single temple but the secularism contested it.
May be not wrong. Bt there should have been a fast track &fair trial. How ever it was pushed to back burner as not being important.
6 Dec 1990 some people took it on themselves to unearth the fact.
If it was a good move or not, is debatable, I am still trying to unearth
But there was order of SHOOT AT SIGHT.
Compare it to anti CAA & JNU police action, u would know what I mean.
Over 2000 young men 20-23 yrs of age lost their lives for breaking a structure that was built on breaking another.

Let that sink in.

Followed by Godhra
Famous world wide as Facism of Modi,even i thought so till 2016, Godhra a train carrying car sevaks was allegedly locked & set ablaze.
Secularly, no One knows the exact number of young men loosing their lives. The SP who was investigating also was suspended (recently restored) 8
No investigation or decision till 2003.
But it was kept alive, Hindus blackmailed every time by mentioning the destruction.
134 yrs of contention. 500 yrs people not wearing chappals & head gears. Bt still waiting patiently.
Meanwhile excavation committee ws blackmailed
To change their findings.
Existence of Shri Ram is denied to please the questionable existence of another power.
Political parties change & milk the situation.
Saffron, Tilak, bajrang Dal,VHP, RSS become signs of regression & extremism.
Hindus,especially Brahmins
Become old fashioned & oppressive.
Ram Lalla waits ina tent. Hindus keep making pillars for temple someday.
Do Aarti at the site every single day with hope & trust in constitution
All this, in a country where apparently Hindus are in majority. "Oppressing the minorities".
2019. Final verdict. Enough is Enough says justice @Ranjangoog.
Ram janam bhoomi rightfully given to Hindus. But Hindus don't celebrate coz they don't want to hurt sentiments of others.
Still the judge os questioned, Govt is questioned, feelings mocked, every possible attempt
To postpone the construction.
Still u ask me why it makes me happy? Why do I have tears in my eyes when I finally see it happening?
Yes, I may/may not be able to visit the temple in this life time, but it's an establishment & recognition of my roots.
I am Proud of
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