When your loved one has severe symptoms of depression, it will be difficult for them to get out of bed or function as they normally would.
On those days, don’t criticise or give advice. Please stay with them and watch a movie or bring them their favourite drink. Show your support.
Be concerned if your loved one doesn’t seem to care about anything anymore, express a bleak or negative outlook on life, frequently complains of aches and pains, sleeps less than usual or oversleeps, eats more or less than usual, drinks more or abuses drugs.
There will be times when a person with depression will want to be alone and not speak to anyone, even those persons they love whole- heatedly. Although it might be hard for you as well, don’t take it personally, they just need to recharge.
Understand that there will be times when you’re socialusing and they will shut down. Please don’t make them feel bad for this as sometimes they do not have the energy to keep up with such activities because their depression has set in

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