I feel sorry for Izu. I feel sorry his death will be 'weaponized' by rape apologists too. No body deserves to be falsely accused of rape. What that lady did was terrible.
I have met many people who have been raped. We all know 5-10 person who has been raped , almost raped. I spoke to someone who said she also almost accused a guy of rape because she disliked him if not for the fear of God. And that's sick. Evil.
We also know that rape victims also never get justice, even in a court. It's she said. He said. And he said wins over she said. And she could be saying the truth. He could be saying the truth. But I'm saying we will let people speak and not silence them
People who rape will never admit it of course. Which creates a dilemma in your head if you want to be fair. Should you believe the said victim or the accused. So when people say they choose to believe women it's a choice. There's no way to know between the two.
But it remains that rape victims mostly never get justice. False rape accusations are bad. And are a wicked thing to do. But the statistics remain ONE PERCENT. if 2 million women in Nigeria are raped in a year and the 1-2 million people who raped them aren't in jail.
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