Dear @ishehnaaz_gill ,

I dunno where to start & what to say because I am not that good with words when it comes to expressing my own emotions but let's just give it a try.

Imma be honest here, as many ppl, I didn't like u much during the first week of BB cuz for me it
was impossible to admit that a pure soul like u could exist in this world of lies and evil.

However, by the end of the second week (after the matki task) I was already inclining towards u as I had seen that u were struggling to put forward ur points clearly due to language
barrier & how people were trying to take advantage of this fact. What really struck me is that u never tried to demean anyone even during a fight even if the other person kept throwing sh*t at you. U indeed stood up for urself (as we saw in the snake & ladder task), but u never
tried to play the woman card to gain sympathy unlike almost all the other women in the house. I remember when Debo had charged at your & Asim made fun of her height while trying to pacify u, you immediately asked him to stop because even in anger, u didn't wanna demean someone
who had hurt you.

Throughout the show, I continued to learn a lot from you & though there were few instances when I couldn't make sense of some of ur decisions at first, all of my doubts were washed away when I looked at the larger picture & realized that just because u don't
show, doesn't mean that u don't get hurt.

Yes, a lot of people say that u are expressive & u always show ur hurt but I disagree!! I strongly disagree.

U r one of the very few ppl who have a rare talent of hiding ur pain behind a beautiful smile & those who don't know u can
imagine the painful secrets u hide behind ur laughter.

Now, I am not trying to portray u as a victim here but as a fighter who fights through & never shows her battle wounds as a trophy.

The missing pieces of the puzzle of ur personality were found when u shed light on
some of ur childhood instances & suddenly it all started making sense.

Your fears, ur insecurities, ur hurt, ur pain, it all made sense & I cannot tell u how proud I felt to be ur fan because u are one hell of a strong & self-made woman, a role model I had only used to read abt
in fiction but there u were, a living example of a
a strong self-made woman.

What wasn't u put through in BB? ppl character assassinated u, called u names, made fun of u, took advantage of ur trust & innocence & u kept forgiving them with a smile on ur face all for some
love & care.

For me, u are also a winner of Bigg Boss, in fact, a winner of the hearts of all ur fans because u taught us the valuable life lessons which no one could have.

U came as a model from Punjab whom everyone had forsaken & had no fan power or PR power behind ur back.
U didn't have high-end designer clothes like ur competitors or strong articulation skills but u won over all of them & do u know why? Because you had a pure heart that has enchanted all of us in your love.

U had one hell of an opportunity to get back at Bagga & Dey for the
filth they threw at u. U had one hell of an opportunity for giving it back to Himanshi. In fact, u won my entire heart the day when u listened to Vikas & went to patch up with Sid to support him because u truly had wanted him to win & being very honest, I don't think so a lot of
the ppl have the courage or the purity to do what u did.

U taught us how to love, how to stand up for the right even if the world is against u, how to forgive, how to embrace one's flaws to become a better version of urself, how to be raw & most importantly, u taught us how
to be a good human being!

The fact that u always always acknowledge ur fans & thank them for their efforts just makes me so emotional because I know that I stan an angel & ur happiness & gratitude just fills my heart. So yeah, at the end I just wanna say that ur fans aren't
going anywhere. We are here for u and we always will be because we are now emotionally attached to u & this emotional attachment will last life-long & that's an honest promise which I make to you!

Muah muah muah!! lots of love to u!! & if u don't it already,
I am madly in love in with u & it is a bad one 😜♥️


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@ishehnaaz_gill @ShehbazBadesha @FC_ShehnaazGill

aur kisse tag karuin? 😂

K bye!! 😄
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