Sure, "polls aren't votes", but 15 pts down means Trump's (ym"sh) vulnerable, dries up fundraising, allows GOP electeds to contradict him publicly, allows reporters to treat him normally & not as the magician of 2016 who commands a cult of violent kooks.
To combat the complacency that the polling imbalance could bring, I suggest telling fellow anti-Trumpites that no matter how much DJT is down in November, when you vote, it will feel as good as punching him in the face with all of your strength


We talk about the power of Big Corn but nothing shows that, to me, more than how we've become completely apathetic to the sheer number of unpopped kernels of popcorn in any standard batch. It's egregious.
When I was 9 yrs old, I was living in Haifa. The 1982 War started & one task I had was helping clean the bomb shelter. We were told to look out for scorpions which would hide in the dark corners.

All I'm saying is that my kids now have comparable stories from their childhood.
Rosh Chodesh Av, at least for Ashkenazim, has got to be the weirdest day of the year
Spam phone calls are a scourge on US society, but we also still have people who 'reply all' to WhatsApp groups with "thank you" or "emoji of person crying while laughing [which looks really weird, y'all]"... so, I see this as a systemic problem
I explained to my son this morning that I'm hoping that much as the Medici popes caused Protestantism though their misrule, so Trump (ym'sh) & the sordid GOP may create the true Reconstruction that America has desp. needed

Uproot & replant a US based on real liberty & equality
Hearing ppl talk abt the difficulty in getting people to wear masks and thinking of being 18 and living through the 1st Gulf War in Israel & families wondering how to protect babies in sealed rooms from the expected poison gas missiles (which thank God weren't used)

Me in 1991:
In order to avoid using overt non-kosher religious terms, my family has these substitutes:

Hail Mary (NFL Pass) = Yehi Ratzon
Easter Egg (in a game) = Afikoman (gift)
Tooth Fairy = Eliyahu ha-Navi (he shows up everywhere, why not also give pocket change?)
Two #Mets thoughts. First, last night's newly acquired free agent pitcher, Michael Wacha, did a decent job. But there has been hitherto no power on earth that has been capable of restraining me from thinking - and saying aloud - the following whenever his name is mentioned:
The 2nd #Mets thought, about the losses in our starting pitching. My 13yo (a sports maven) insists that we shouldn't move Lugo back to being a starter b/c he's our best reliever/closer

We compared it to, in NFL, moving a guy who's a great LT to a decent LG.
I just realized that the reason why movies show computer wizards mashing away at their keyboards (see simulation below) while 'hacking' is because that is what it looks/sounds like when writers are typing up a storm.
One area of stress in any person's life is when the ratio of Power/Responsibility is less than 1. E.g. I've had jobs where my responsibility - I would get blamed for things going wrong - was level 5 but my corresponding power to get it done was 2. 2/5 is less than 1. Heavy Stress
But often my boss would have Power/Responsibility ratio greater than 1. He'd get credit for my success but I'd get blame for failure; he was 5/2.

Justice - in all areas of life - is a Godly ethic. 2/5 & 5/2 is unjust

But most of us know what this feels like. It's very common
#Barr's lugubrious demeanor makes it look like he's confident of victory in November. Good crooks, and he's a pro, never let others see them bleed. He could be panicking and he wouldn't let it on w/his tone. Just look at his actions over these months. He's panicking
Speaking as a Jewish studies scholar & rabbi, I'm planning to add anything that happens tonight & tomorrow to the historical "Happened on #TishaBav" list we accumulate
Liberals are surprised that Evangelicals still support Trump (ym'sh) but we who know conservative religious movements aren't.

What's overlooked is that the surprise is a sign liberals are actually *respectful* of religious beliefs & they consider them synonymous w/ morality!
Every story abt Trump (ym'sh) supporters still loyal to him despite all the death, depression & chaos should replace the word 'Trump' with 'heroin' & you'll find that these people are addicts & cultists. It's a sickness

"Yeah I still [abuse heroin] despite losing all my money!"
I was thinking, BTW, that if your 1st name is Donald or Jared or last name Trump or Barr, you may want to change it now to avoid the rush
In case it's not clear, this is a thread of #RandomThoughts. I've seen advice that suggests making one shot, stand-alone type, tweets into a thread for ease of printing AND for increasing impact.
We're onto plague number 50 of 2020, and it's strangely appropriate, on the 12th of Av, that the tropical storm about to batter the East Coast from Charleston to Boston is named #Isaias.

Isa. 49:14 "But Zion said: 'The LORD hath forsaken me, and the Lord hath forgotten me.'"
Until this year I never understood the power of denial. The self-wounding psychological anxiety-driven need to ignore reality.

The pandemic showed us all that, but I saw it yesterday about #HurricaneIsaias

"Oh it'll be fine" (said ppl I know who then got damaged by the storm)
This is sad; I didn't know Ren&Stimpy guy was a monster. Even though I loved aspects of the show, it had so many disturbing undercurrents, I should have guessed

But this is an ex. of an 'industry open secret' & I hate that abusers get away w/it so often
I'm listening to the Bulwark podcasts b/c it's invigorating to hear Baalei Teshuva talk about their path to repentence. One person said "the GOP can't find a replacement for the ACA"

Ya know why? Because it was a Republican design! It's not what *we* wanted. It's a compromise
Yesterday, @TheRickWilson explained to the anti-anti-Trumpers that TLP isn't the cause of their pain, Trump (ym'sh) is.

Basically, RW is implicitly exposing how his targets lack the principles of personal responsibility & 'behavior has consequences' of so-called conservatism
@TimothyDSnyder's lectures are an important backdrop to the 'burn it all down' thesis of TLP. Snyder is very clear that Trump (ym'sh) is a full blown fascist & the US is in grave danger. TLP is acting like it. Burning it down is utterly crucial.

Total War, as Churchill pledged
BTW, I do believe that there are many Republicans like TLP who decry the open embrace of fascism. These are the 'suburban' voters. It could be 10-15% of the electorate. That's substantial, esp. in the electoral college system
Great line from Mordechai Schmutter ( @MSchmutter) my son just read aloud:

"Back pain is one of the only injuries that you can get made fun of for having" (_For This I Had To Grow Up?_ p.333)
The same son just announced that today is our Move-versary. Eight years! I've lived in "But I Could Be Wrong, NJ" longer than I've ever lived in one domicile.

My modal length of residence is 1 yr (6x) then 4 yr (5x) for you statisticians
The GOP is fighting so hard, so viciously, to cling to power - to the point of killing hundreds of thousands & bankrupting the country - b/c they know how badly they've treated so many people & are rightfully afraid of what will happen to them when we shake free of the chokehold
I say often that the GOP acts w/impunity b/c their cult only watches FoxNews

News/truth basically act as an immune system against fascism (see @TimothyDSnyder)

Thus, the toxicity of the GOP is like the havoc of COVID thru the USA's lack of social safety net.
I see many attacks on 'capitalism' & 'socialism' but those terms group together many aspects. Right now, the US is rife w/2 of the worst aspects of capitalism: Crony C & Laissez-faire C. Those 2 need to be opposed by anyone who believes in justice (vs CC) or compassion (vs LFC)
Living a principled life and accepting the consequences of lack of power, money, prestige that comes with not selling out actually doesn't make it easier to sleep at night. Because the problems of the world still haunt us. But you can look at yourself in the mirror & that's a lot
An insight into #Literalism: it's possible that conspiracy theories are one of the only versions of systematic thinking that's available to literal thinkers. Instead of understanding invisible cultural/social causes, it makes everything literal causes of a powerful cabal
It's weird to me that more Talmud-learning-rich rabbis are not better at public health

I'm able to answer COVID questions (e.g. abt shuls/schools) by using the 'gezeira' blueprints found thru Shas

Fences around the Torah are needed for am-haratzim & that fits most ppl re:COVID
Another point I've made for a while. #MoscowMitch is an accomplished nihilist, but a terrible builder. And when you compare him to Pelosi? Psssssssh
In honor of #Mets infielder @lguillorme13's stellar pitching job last night, I present probably the coolest action I've ever seen in my life, his heroic 2017 debut as a bat-man
1/ Finally saw #KnivesOut on Prime last night and it's really good. A few observations:

(a) the Anti-Trump (ym'sh) metaphor was, for me, overt but done *very* well. I should've expected as much from the guy who made #TheLastJedi
2/ (b) With that in mind, the casting of Captain America as one the main bad guys must have been purposeful

(c) The movie has a clear antecedent with Peter Falk's Columbo, a personal favorite. That TV show was largely about the rich underestimating & bullying the poor
Back to that Guillorme bat-catching coolness. It reminded me, subconsciously, of one my favorite parts of the intro to Police Squad, that for Alan North:
Great list for the upcoming convention. I wonder if Al Gore gets invited to these things. Nobel laureate for his environmental work? Anyone?
Me, right now gearing up #BidenHarris2020
I was a Harris supporter very early on. Wanted her as POTUS with either Castro or Inslee as VP. See receipt:
This is a more obvious statement:
And then of course there's this thread I wrote a few days ago. One reason I'm especially happy for this choice - besides Harris being my #1 candidate & that she'll be amazing - is that it shows Biden is making excellent decisions. #BidenHarris2020
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