1) This is my #Qanon thread for July 20, 2020

Q posts can be found here:

My Theme: Batten Down the Hatches
2) Q reposted a link to today's thread by Catherine Herridge on problems with the FBI's surveillance of Carter Page.

I suspect this thread is being highlighted again to bring more "sunlight" to the matter.

Light dispels darkness.
3) https://twitter.com/CBS_Herridge/status/1284904259188908034
4) https://twitter.com/CBS_Herridge/status/1284904260120043520
5) https://twitter.com/CBS_Herridge/status/1284904271193006080
6) Q posted a link to a thread by @Techno_Fog that explains the role Jennifer Boone played in facilitating the surveillance of Carter Page.
7) Despite being involved in the illegal surveillance of Carter Page, Jennnifer Boone was promoted by Chris Wray to head the Baltimore field office. https://twitter.com/Techno_Fog/status/1285020586801070083
8) Boone was warned of red flags about having an FBI agent meet with Bruce Ohr. The concern was Ohr's connections to Christopher Steele

Boone directed the FBI agent to meet with Ohr anyway. https://twitter.com/Techno_Fog/status/1285022026554630146
9) It's not like Boone can claim ignorance. She supervised the team tasked with determining the sources of information contained in Christopher Steele's dossier. https://twitter.com/Techno_Fog/status/1285025500507840512
10) Q posted a screencap of the dashboard for Twitter admins that was released during last week's hack of employee accounts.

The graphic shows the features Twitter admins use to censor users.

(Note - Filename: "Authentic.")
12) Normies will be shocked when they learn how many Republican presidential candidates, members of the press & members of Congress were surveilled by Obama.

Some were spied on using 702; some through non-702.

Some though Five Eyes and some through non-Five Eyes channels.
15) Q indicated that a number of people were planted inside the 2016 Trump campaign.

The most likely reason to insert plants would be to obtain information through their association with other people in the campaign.
16) This post contains some disinformation.

At this point in time, Q was suggesting that perhaps Robert Mueller was secretly working with POTUS.
We now know that was not the case.
17) I don't know if Q's claim about Manafort and Page being plants was intended as disinformation.

As of today, Q is still suggesting that spies were inserted into Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.
18) Looks like the storm is approaching.
20) Bring the rain.
23) Q asked if retired three *** General Mike Flynn is ready to serve his country again.
24) Q indicated that General Flynn responded to his question.
25) @PatriotDancing caught General Flynn's acknowledgment. https://twitter.com/PatriotDancing/status/1285054662375170049
26) Q responded.
27) General Flynn's new banner.
28) An anon noted that General Flynn's Twitter page had changed (presumably to upload a new banner) at 11:42 pm eastern today.
29) Q responded.
30) Will General Flynn be named Chris Wray's replacement?

(Just spitballing. I have no inside information.)

In any other world, I would laugh at the idea of a retired Army General being named FBI Director.
31) As far as I know, General Flynn is not an attorney and he has no law enforcement background. On the face of it, appointing a career Army officer into an administrative law enforcement position doesn't make sense.
32) But when I consider the duties of an FBI Director, and the duties of the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency—the position Flynn held until 2014—it begins to make sense.
33) The FBI Director is primarily a personnel manager. While they could get involved in investigations, they're mostly there to lead the bureau's agents, inspire them, oversee budgeting, training, equipment acquisition, develop policies and perform other administrative functions.
34) Those tasks do not require a law enforcement background. They do require experience in personnel management. And as the former head of the DIA, I would expect General Flynn to have the administrative experience needed to perform those tasks.
35) Consider the fact that both the DIA and the FBI are intelligence agencies. In that regard, Flynn's experience as Director of DIA would give him an advantage over other applicants who might only have experience as federal prosecutors or private law practice.
36) The fact that Q publicly named Chris Wray as a deep state asset last night and at the same time, asked General Flynn if he was ready to serve again makes me think that perhaps their mention on the same night was intended to create a future-proves-past connection.
37) Consider the fact the FBI has been plagued for years by abuse of the FISA process. One of their innocent victims was General Flynn. How do you think he'd manage the bureau's FISA program if he became FBI Director?
38) Consider this:
In March of 2018, Q said that General Flynn would be cleared of all charges and that he would re-join the Trump administration in its second version (v2)
39) The term (v2) appeared in 3 posts yesterday.
(The most recent mention was last November.)
The recent mentions of v2 make me think we're nearing the time when the Trump administration "version 2" will be launched.
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