Weapons used in Mahabharata (Part-1)

In this series I will cover weapons used in Mahabharata as they are mentioned there.
There are so many different kinds of weapons mentioned there and each one had a different purpose.
1. Gada (गदा)

It was a type of Mace, it was a heavy, blunt weapon, maces at the time of Mahabharata were heavier than modern maces
One good proper strike of mace was enough to
K!ll a person, a dangerous weapon used by Powerful warriors.
2. Kshepni (क्षेपणी)

It was a type of sling used to throw stones projectiles over a large distance. Size of sling used at that time is unknown, it is possible it was used to throw large stones
3. Khadag (खड्ग)

A type of Sword, used as a primary weapon by infantry during battle. This sword is mentioned in Ramayana too.
4. Naracha ( नाराच)

Arrow made up of metal, it was used against elephants as it was very effective in k!lling them, this was also used to pierce armours.
A deadly arrow but its range was less as it had more weight due to metal body.
5. Rishti (ऋष्टि)

A type of sword, a straight long double edged sword, it is mentioned that it was used against elephants as it pierces easily in body, technique to use this sword was different than other types of swords.
6. Parigh (परिघ)

A weapon made up of metal, it was either thrown at enemy or was used for melee fighting, it was large in size and destructive.
7. Tomar (तोमर)

It was a throwing weapon, was somewhat like an arrow but larger and heavier, made up of metal or a combination of metal and wood, its length was about 5-6 feet
8.Prasa (प्रास)

A weapon with two handles made up of metal or wood covered with metal, it was generally used in melee fighting, fighting technique included constant movement and as it had two handles the direction of strike was more unpredictable making it difficult to counter
9. Bhindipal (भिन्दीपाल)

A type of large spear similar to Harpoon, it was thrown with hand, lesser range but with potential to cause massive damage to enemy, was easily able to pierce armours in close range
10. Kshurapra (क्षुरप्र)

A type of arrow used to separate limbs from body it could be used from a distance, it had a flat broad blade at the head which chopped off limbs Arjuna used this arrow to chop Bhurishrava's arm.
In next parts will cover more weapons and Divya Astras.
Note-Images are just representational
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