aka kind of a response to @TwoSetViolin’s new video
(from a non brass player btw so no bias here)
also, this will probably be a continuous thread !!
1. the OG: mahler 5 (1st movt)

no one is allowed to hate this. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. if you havent already which how have you not now GO LISTEN TO THE WHOLE SYMPHONY
2. bruckner 9 (1st movt)

i love how this just starts so eerie and quiet and then just explodes like it’s SO so fun to listen to!! if you havent already, go listen to this whole symphony too i swear you will not regret it
3. dvorak 9 (4th movt)

i didn’t like this symphony much when i first listened to it but actually this part was the part that made me decide to like it so THANK YOU BRASS PLAYERS
4. chopin piano concerto no. 1 (1st movt)

taking a break from all the loud brass to hear a very pretty brass :)) this part is already beautiful with just the piano part but the french horn adds SO much color to it
5. brahms piano concerto no. 2 (1st movt)

very short clip but you cannot deny that this is an absolutely gorgeous opening, it’s so nice and calming
6. tchaikovsky piano concerto no. 1 (1st movt)

this ones obvious and iconic so ofc i had to add it? i love this opening so so so much
7. tchaikovsky piano concerto no. 1 (1st movt)

another one!! this buildup is so fun to listen to and the interaction with the piano part is so nice as well
8. mussorgsky pictures at an exhibition (promenade I)

pretty self explanatory. just listen :)
9. holst the planets (jupiter)

this whole piece has a lot of brass parts so just listen to it i guess but this part is one of my favorites!
10. rachmaninoff 2 (3rd movt)

this part is just,, gorgeous. it always makes me want to cry
11. rachmaninoff piano concerto no. 2 (1st movt)

is this not the prettiest thing you’ve ever heard i am SO in love with this concerto omg
(to be continued since i gotta go now but i’ve got much more that i will find and post later !!)
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