I remain angry about the Finn Jedi bait and switch.
Oh, and it was in fact a bait and switch.

Through visuals, marketing, ads, and even the Force Awakens teaser and trailer itself, we were PROMISED a Black man as a Jedi.

Don't believe me? Let's go on a journey.
Force Awakens teaser.

First thing we are given is the dialogue "There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?"

Followed IMMEDIATELY by Finn's face.
We don't see Rey until after footage of BB-8 and the new Storm Troopers.

She's not the focus here.
The second teaser has Luke talking about how the force is strong in his family. His father had the power, he has it, his sister has it, and now a mysterious "you" has it.

Hold on to this.
Force Awakens, full trailer.

Start here. Pay CLOSE attention to what is said and shown at 1:31
Han is talking about how the legends/tales from the past were real.

He says "the dark side" and it shows Storm troopers converging on a target. He then says "THE JEDI" and FINN IS CENTER FRAME!

And at the end of the trailer, Kylo is there to represent the dark side, and Finn, with the blue Lightsaber, is there to represent the light.



This isn't even getting into the posters and the pictures and the photo shoots where Finn had that damn saber at EVERY possible opportunity.
There's red herrings, and there's whatever the hell this was.*

***Lies. This was LIES.
I'm gonna be bitter about this for the rest of my life. And when I die and the Lord greets me at the pearly gates, and He asks if there's anything I regret, I will tell Him "The Jedi Finn bait and switch of 2015."
John Boyega and Black Star Wars fans everywhere are owed an apology.
And before haters bring up Mace Windu, they took mega star Samuel L. Jackson and had him wander around in front of bad green screen and recite some of the most boring and trite dialogue to ever be written.

Then, when he STARTED to bloom, they tossed that nigga out a window.
Finn was gonna be how we, the Black Star Wars Collective, would finally be able to heal after the way they did Mace dirty.

But no. Instead of what would've been a better storyline, IMO, we got Palpatine Reloaded.
"What do you mean pictures? What do you mean posters? There were no ads!"

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