This is not a campaign event. This is documentation of the pattern. He is talking about something very specific. Please do not judge. Kanye is NOT crazy. He is telling you all the TRUTH. This is horrific stuff. You have no idea what these people have been through. Compassion 🙏🤍
I can't make out the words at the end. What is he saying they made him do to/with his daughter?
Thank you to every soul in that room 🙏🤍🕊️☀️
All is forgiven.
How can I help now?
I just re-read that text convo yesterday and nearly broke down. I'm sorry I was so mean and seemingly selfish. If I had known then what I know now I would have answered immediately. I hate that you all have to experience life this way. I want to help as best I can now. 🙏🤍🕊️☀️
They don't get to tap out
Family business
It's a "Camp Pain" "event"
Right ear ringing just now
I remember January 2019, @kanyewest. You helped me so much. In fact, I believe that time was an absolute turning point for me personally, and it gave me strength I would need in the future.

I know you went to rehab to recapitulate Haven wick 🙏
Kanye is SAC

Camp pain event

Sacred spectacle
So that's why Kanye took Shia's clothes.
Y'all recognize what it means for @kanyewest to choose to go with GAP, right?

Stand in the Gap.

Get it?
Kanye West
Pamela Anderson
Julian Assange
The spotlight of safety

When all else fails, go public
Kanye is not programmed or manic or anything else people are going to say about him. He is speaking a truth no one wants to hear and they are persecuting him for it. It's not rocket science.
The Kardashians do not want to go up against Kanye in a family court in Wyoming I can guarantee you that.
God hears the cries of the righteous, and God never forsakes them
You would cry and yell too if it were you.

He's not having an episode. He's being f*cked with.

He's reacting like a normal person would react to ABUSE.

How would you react to being f*cked with by a group of people who also happen to be your entire family and support network?
This is wheat from chaff
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