Hi, everyone! I'm highestwinds, a longtime resident of Madison WI who's recently used this platform to provide live police scanner, community meeting, & protest reports in solidarity with the Madison uprising.

Here's a TBU thread of all my livetweet threads and narrative work.
1) From the first day of action in Madison WI, I've provided reports of publicly accessible police scanner communications to contextualize ground activity.

This thread is over 2,000 tweets long: make sure to check tweet replies for thread continuations. https://twitter.com/highestwinds/status/1266780194393784320
(Another important note: my current scanner threads are individualized and marked by date. I no longer update the above thread. Please refer to it for posterity and historical accountability only!)
2) I've also provided analyses of MPD's failure to protect Black protesters & other Madison citizens at the scenes of Madison's recent hate crimes. This thread will be updated soon; I temporarily stopped when Rodney Freeman Jr. ("RJ") was found in Monona. https://twitter.com/highestwinds/status/1275224052173623314
3) I live-reported the June 16th Madison Common Council meeting, into which citizens across the country called to oppose a budget allocation that would expand MPD's chemical weapon arsenal and to support an MPD independent oversight committee. https://twitter.com/highestwinds/status/1273036820280991744
4) I've also reported many recent community conversations w/ MPD. This thread transcribes MPD Captain Kelly Donahue's dialogue with Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc., in which she discusses protest response & addresses the concerns of downtown business owners. https://twitter.com/highestwinds/status/1280652432259919877
5) This thread documents another conversation between Captain Donahue & Downtown Madison, Inc. about Madison protests.

(Note: I made an error by branching off the wrong tweet, splitting the thread momentarily. Please see the replies for the full thread.) https://twitter.com/highestwinds/status/1281303688074727424
(This reply here is where the Downtown Madison, Inc. conversation from the above tweet continues correctly.) https://twitter.com/highestwinds/status/1281304048961048576
6) I also reported the July 14th Madison Common Council meeting, during which Madison residents discussed the formation of a Black-led task force to address Madison's racial disparities. This was a context-heavy conversation: see embedded thread for more. https://twitter.com/highestwinds/status/1283180042651144195
7) I recently attended a public conversation between the Madison Public Safety Review Committee and MPD Chief Vic Wahl + Captain Mindy Winter, focusing on the reasoning/ethics/policies behind MPD standard operating protocols & its recent protest response. https://twitter.com/highestwinds/status/1283535914082476033
Meetings & action happens frequently in Madison WI. I will continue to update this thread beyond its original posting on 7/19.

As an aside, if you wish to support this informal work, I am temporarily accepting Venmo donations (link may be down later). https://twitter.com/highestwinds/status/1281282422487818245
On 7/21, I reported the Common Council's votes on the implementation of a $250,000 "Downtown Recovery Program," which would have funded a "business equity" initiative & provided repair for downtown businesses who suffered property damage in May/June 2020. https://twitter.com/highestwinds/status/1285717405763854336?fbclid=IwAR1eoVAvxBwW9Sn6V3T77m3RsViT2loKrH8DV6e_n7EiwXPw8-BXNDk7oYg
On 8/4, I transcribed the Common Council Executive Committee's conversation and vote on Alder Prestigiacomo's ordinance that would have banned tear gas, mace, and impact munition from MPD's arsenal. https://twitter.com/highestwinds/status/1290763515867860992
In the late hours of 8/23 and early hours of 8/24, I monitored the Kenosha police scanner in solidarity with the Kenoshan community response to Jacob Blake's shooting.

You can find every update, including a few ground photos, in this thread: https://twitter.com/highestwinds/status/1297724596192501765
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