for over 30 years, armenia has been illegally occupying 20% of azerbaijans internationally recognized territory ( including Nagorno Karabakh region)
in 1988 armenian rioters wanted to claim karabakh as their own. it started with protests but turned into a WAR in 1991. the invasion resulted in massacres and ETHNIC CLEANSING of the azerbaijani civilian population.
more than 800,000 azerbaijani civilians were FORCED TO LEAVE THEIR HOMES. 250,000 azerbaijanis who lived in armenia were expelled too. THAT MAKES OVER 1 MILLION AZERBAIJANI REFUGEES.
FOUR UNSC (UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL!!!!!!!!) RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED IN 1993 stated that reaffirmed the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. those resolutions condemned the brutal ethnic cleansing.
and those resolutions demanded the immediate withdrawal of armenian occupying forces from the occupied regions. these UNSC resolutions remain ignored by armenia
the Nagorno-Karabakh region is an internationally recognized part of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan was admitted to the UN as an independent state with the Nagorno-Karabakh region WITHIN ITS BORDERS.
the territorial integrity and borders of Azerbaijan have been recognized by all members of the international community
some armenians call karabakh artsakh but NONE of the 193 members of the UN recognize Artsakh's sovereignty. NOT EVEN ARMENIA RECOGNIZES IT.
TOVUZ IS A CITY IN AZERBAIJAN AND ITS UNDER ATTACK RIGHT NOW. NOT TAVUSH. TAVUSH IS AN ARMENIAN PROVINCE. as the artillery shelling was set against tovuz, azerbaijan suffered the first casualties.
ministry of defense of armenia stated they want to "occupy new advantageous positions." ministry of defense of azerbaijan stated they "will NOT target armenian civilians". no civilian casualties on armenias side. an innocent azerbaijani man killed by armenians. see the difference
armenia was first to threaten azerbaijan saying theyd launch an attack on the biggest water reservoir in the caucasus area. in response azerbaijan threatened to bomb a nuclear plant in case armenia proceeds to do that.
I REPEAT armenia currently illegaly occupies 20 PERCENT OF AZERBAIJANS LAND. that includes these SEVEN of azerbaijan's regions too - kalbajar, lachin, qubadli, jabrayil, zangilan, agdam and fuzuli
Armenians killed hundreds of civilians, destroyed homes, hospitals, objects that are not military targets and terrorized the civilian population. Khojaly was shelled by Armenian forces daily during the winter of 1991–1992, and people had to spend nights in basements.
tw extreme violence gore war
innocent people were TORTURED in Khojaly. armenian troops cut pregnant women, killed the premature babies, made bridges out of girls and burned them, peed in the victims mouthes. there are pictures of this that i wont include as its very graphic.
there is proof that armenians are setting fire to their OWN villages to trick people into believing that azerbaijan is the aggressor when it is not.
armenia is a member of CSTO with 5 other countries. military aggression toward any of the members would be considered as violence to all. armenian military started the provocation & relied on CSTO. HOWEVER! next tweet
however all of the other members recognize azerbaijans territorial integrity and did not support armenias actions. CSTO cancelled the emergency meeting regarding the armenian agression
please sign the petitions in the carrd too
on the occupied territories, theres been a huge amount of environmental crime committed by armenia. there is an illegal looting of minerals, deposits of precious stones, which are then transferred to armenia.
there's water scarcity in the frontline regions of azerbaijan as a result of the armenian blockage of the Sarsang Water Reservoir which is located on the OCCUPIED territories. It provoked an ecological catastrophe,the scale of which everyday. -source, UNHRC (human rights council)
armenias terrorist organization (ASALA) was active in the 1980s and PRAISED by their president. their president called the leader of the TERRORIST organization a "National Hero". theres a whole commemoration day to him...
tw bomb mentions
all the attacks by asala , armenian terrorist organization, praised by the president. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_attacks_by_ASALA
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