Tales from garden. https://twitter.com/xoiiku/status/1283228439370063872
Soup is underrated. https://twitter.com/xoiiku/status/1142546063858864129
Although the buzzing bugs tend to be blurry, I was fennelly able to clearly photograph a pollinator of some sort, as well as a busy bee hanging out in the hibiscus.

A friendly frog was chilling in the cabbage growing gradually under the bountiful blackcap raspberries.

Top down (policy), and bottom up (lifestyle).
Focus on solutions, no panaceas.

#GreenNewDeal #ClimateAction #FoodNotLawns #Biodiversity #Veganic #Permaculture #BeeTheChange
This just end, bees rock.

Zucchini flower growing in the shade of an apple tree.

I heard it on the grapevine.

300 worms shouting, "THIS IS VERMICOMPOST!!!"

#GreenNewDeal #FoodNotLawns #ClimateAction
The pictures in this thread are from a garden I help to maintain with veganic permaculture methods.

There are a lot of things that I can't do anything about. #Evictions

So I try to raise awareness of solutions, such that maybe those who can, will. #YIMBY https://twitter.com/xoiiku/status/1200315265176625152
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