Wilbur Ross
Trump Commerce Secretary
Cyprus Bank/money laundering/Russia oligarchs/Trump

🔸Wilbur Ross was the top shareholder in the Bank of Cyprus and VP

-The 2nd largest shareholder in Cyprus Bank is Russian conglomerate Renova Corp.
-Renova was founded in 1990 by Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg

-Renova Group is a Russian conglomerate with interests in aluminium, oil, energy, telecoms et al

-Oleg Deripaska’s Renova
is a subsidiary of Rusal

-Columbus Nova (Andrew Intrator) is a subsidiary of Remova
🔸Wilbur Ross, Viktor Vekselberg and Oleg Deripaska all made their money in aluminim

Reminder—Russia—Oleg Deripaska’s Rusal plans to invest 1.7B to build an aluminum plant in Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky (by election year)
More Ross
🔸Ross is/was major shareholder and VP of Cyprus Bank

-Cyprus Bank has been and continues to be investigated for money laundering

-In April 2013, raid Unit 63A of Trump Tower and rounded up 29 suspects in two gambling rings
-Semion Mogilevich’s gambling ring “the world’s largest sports book” was run out of Trump Tower including the entire fifty-first floor of the building

-Money was laundered through Wilbur Ross’s Cyprus Bank
Interesting tidbit in the “Mogilevkch sports book illegal gaming (whose money ran through Wilbur Ross’ and Vekselberg’s Cyprus Bank) in Trump Tower raided by the FBI

-Nikolai Gorokhov, lawyer for the Magnitsky family, fell from a building on the day before he was to appear before a Moscow appeals court
Gorokhov was also a key witness in the Prevezon money-laundering case running through Cyprus Bank

-The Prevezon money laundering case (Prevezon was laundering money through Wilbur Ross’ and Vekselberg’s Cyprus Bank was a case managed by Preet Bharara

-Trump fired US attorney fired Preet Bharara before the Cyprus Bank money laundering case was heard
More Wilbur Ross (a little more so be patient-receipts / sources are as always at the end therefore FYI-it isn’t the end until receipts are presented

Wilbur Ross is/was VP and major shareholder in money laundering Cyprus Bank
and Russian oligarch Vekselberg the 2nd
Reminder-Both Ross and Vekselberg’s wealth partly comes from aluminum (as does Deripaska’s and others mentioned later)

1st Vekselberg

-Viktor Vekselberg is one of the 10 richest men in Russia
Ross / Cyprus Bank / Russians cont’d

-Vekselberg (owner of Renova & 2nd largest shareholder Cyprus Bank where Ross is shareholder and VP) and Len Blavatnik, who was/is in business with Trump Treasurer Steve Mnuchin) and Vekselbers are long time friends and business partners
-Vekselberg and
Blavatnik hold a 20.5% stake in Rusal (Deripaska’s company)
Blavatnik and Vekselberg met while attending university in Russia

-Blavatnik donated tens of millions to GOP
-1M for Sen. Marco Rubio
-1 M for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker
-$800,000 for Graham
Wilbur Ross, Cyprus Bank and Russians cont’d

-Vekselberg and Ross are top shareholders in Cyprus Bank

-Vekselberg and Andrew Intrater were seated at a “Victory” dinner next to Michael Cohen

-Intrater is Vekselberg’s cousin and chief executive of Columbus Nova
-Columbus Nova-Intrater’s company is Renova's U.S. investment arm located in New York

-Columbus Nova is intertwined in Covid-19
(another segment)
-Vekselberg is 2nd largest shareholder Cyprus Bank

-Ross was VP Cyprus Bank and shareholder

-Cyprus Bank is money laundering for Russia

-At the time Vekselberg, Blavatnik, and another Russian aluminum magnate donated millions to Trump inaugural
this happened👇
-In 2016, Russian prosecutors raided Renova’s offices and arrested two associates of Vekselberg, including the company’s chief managing director and another top executive, for bribing officials connected to a power generation project in Russia
U.S. sanctions on Vekselberg have frozen $1.5-$2 billion of Vekselberg/Renova’s assets

-Ross was VP and shareholder of Cyprus Bank

-Obama put sanctions on Vekselber/ Remova and Deripaska’s Rusal

-Vekselberg, Blavatnik, Kukes, and Intrater donate yo Trump
-Vekselberg (under sanctions) donates to Trump’s inauguration and attends exclusive inauguration dinner; seated with Cohen

-When Ross took controlling interest in Cyprus Bank Vekselberg’s Rusal became the single largest shareholder
After Trump’s inauguration

-Trump picks Ross to head Department of Commerce

This is important👇

Before Ross left Cyprus Bank Ross brought in former Deutsche Bank executive Josef Ackerman to lead the Bank of Cyprus
-Ross appointed Ackerman who had led Deutsche Bank, when its Russia desk became embroiled in a “mirror trade” scheme moving $10 billion out of Russia in violation of anti-money laundering laws

-Ross installed a money laundering expert from Deutsche Bank (which was being investigated for money laundering) to lead the money laundering Bank of Cyprus
-The White House has been accused of withholding information from Congress about whether Trump or any of his campaign affiliates have ever received loans from Wilbur Ross’ Cyprus Bank that is partly owned by close ally Putin-Vekselberg
-A group of Democratic Senators have been hold in their investigation of Ross’ Bank of Cyprus where Ross served as the board’s vice-chairman (since 2014)

-In 2014 Ross invested 400M in Cyprus Bank to become the banks vice-chair

-Ross brought Vekselberg on board
Now this👇

-Ross shares his vice-chair post with a deposit holder-turned-shareholder, Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, referred to in Russian media as a former KGB official and Putin ally
A coincidence👇

-Putin ally and former KGB official Vladimir Strzhalkobsky became Putin’s deputy minister of economic development at about the same time Trump appointed Wilbur Ross to be Commerce Secretary
-Peter Harrell served as the deputy assistant secretary for counter-threat finance and sanctions in the State Department

Harrell found connections between Russia and the Trump administration and between Ross-Russia-and Bank of Cyprus
More Wilbur Ross
-Ross is the wealthiest member of Trump’s cabinet

-Ross’ money is in the Cayman’s

-Ross led a private bailout of Bank of Cyprus

-Ross has a 40 year 2.9 billion business with the Putin family
-Wilbur Ross, is doing business with Vladimir Putin’s son-in-law through a shipping venture in Russia

-Ross is heavily invested in shipper, Navigator Holdings

-Navigator earns millions of dollars a year transporting gas for the giant Russian company—Sibur
-Sibur’s owners include Putin’s son-in-law

- Ross (supposedly) sold off some holdings to join the Trump administration and spearhead Trump’s trade policy

-Ross kept the investment in his Navigator shipping company and increased its business dealings with Russia’s Silbur
-Ross has dealings with Putin’s son-in-law’s Silbur even as the West sought to punish Russia’s energy sector over Mr. Putin’s incursions into Ukraine

-Public records show that Ross became a major investor in Navigator (shipping) in November 2011, three months before the company chartered its first ships to Sibur (Putin’s son-in-law’s company)
-Wilbur Ross is also an aluminum magnate
(Ross’ wealth is party from aluminum)

Reminder—Oleg Deripaska’s Rusal plans to invest/build an aluminum plant in McConnell’s Kentucky

Obama sanctioned Vekselberg and Deripaska
et al
-Republican legislators voted to lift Russian sanctions—

Mitch McConnell
Lindsey Graham
Mitt Romney
John Corny
Richard Burr
Ted Cruz
Ron Johnson and
John Thune
-Ross is a metals magnate; aluminum included but big on steel
-Vekselberg and Deripaska are also aluminum magnates

Ross and metals

🔸Ross built ArcelorMittal the world's leading integrated steel and mining company and reported large equity stakes in it
🔸Ross served/serves? on ArcelorMittal’s board

Ross promised to pursue policies similar to the protectionist measures that helped make ArcelorMittal the world’s largest steel producer

-Ross made billions on bankrupt steel plants
-Starting in 2002, Ross began acquired the assets of bankrupt steel companies such as–
LTV Steel Corp
Bethlehem Steel
Weirton Steel
Acme Steel
Georgetown Steel
Youngstown Sheet and Tube
Republican Steel
-Ross bought the bankrupt steel companies, packaged them together under his International Steel Group Inc

-Acme Steel and Bethlehem Steel quickly became the largest integrated steel company in United States
(Reuters) - Russian oligarch Dmitriy Rybolovlev is the primary beneficiary of an offshore fund that took a large stake in Bank of Cyprus

-Wilbur Ross was vice-chair and major stockholder of Cyprus Bank

-Viktor Vekselberg is the 2nd (if not the first now that Ross left)
-While Wilbur Ross was vice-chair and major shareholder of Cyprus Bank this happened 👇

-The “King of Fertilizer”  Dmitry Rybolovlev bought a Palm Beach, FL residence from Trump for $95 million in 2008
and 2.5 times what Trump paid for it a few years earlier
-Ryobolovlev laundered money through Ross’ Bank of Cyprus

-Oleg Deripaska, aluminim magnate, owns Rusal
-Deripaska has dual citizenship—
Russia and Cyprus
-Deripaska ex is Polina Yumasheva, step-granddaughter of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin
-Deripaska bought the Haft Mansion near Embassy Row-
Massachusetts Avenue Heights

-In 2017-the Conway’s, George and KellyAnne paid $7.785 million mansion thst once sold for 22M -next door to Deripaska
-Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, owns a $12 million mansion within a 5 minute walk of Deripaska and the Conways

-Wilbur Ross lives across the way

-Across the creek from Deripaska, The Conways, Ross, and Mnuchin are Ivanka and Jared
-Ivanka and Jared bought their home from Russian/American Dan Rapoport

-Rapoport was in the oil business in Moscow; moved to the US

-Rapoport advised Mitt Romney in 2012

-Rapoport left DC to head a $100 million American private equity investment in Ukraine









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