1. You're not going to believe this. The connections are mind blowing.

Less than 10
Pleasure Island

After the Pinocchio connection to trafficking boys to Pleasure Island was made I started digging. There's no way in hell this is all just coincidence.
2. Pleasure Island in the Pinocchio story. The Coachman was looking for "stupid boys" that skipped school and wouldn't be terribly missed if they disappeared. The boys were promised a great time on Pleasure Island. Recruiters were paid for each boy they brought to the Coachman.
3. The Coachman would then traffic the boys to where Pleasure Island and, in the story it says...the boys never returned - as boys. I can speculate what that means but with child sacrifice and eating children being part of the suspected crimes of the Moloch worshiping Cabal...?
4. Disney is involved because they produced Pinocchio. In May of 1989, Disney built "Pleasure Island" at Walt Disney World in Florida.

There's no official connection to Disney's Pleasure Island and the story of Pinocchio.

You'd think someone would've connected it by now though?
6. Merriweather Adam Pleasure's family bought an island and made it into an Adventureland for people to visit. While there's no direct connection to Pinocchio, the similarities promised to whoever might go there are striking.

Fun, games, freedom, adventure.
7. ...experimentation was also explored on the island, with Henry developing an Artificial Intelligence lab in 1929 and experimentations with new forms of transportation in the mid-1930s such as prototype "steam-magnetic" train engines and the experimental "X-Wing" flier..."
8. Eventually, as fate would have it, Merriweather Adam Pleasure and his daughter we're lost at sea. Years later, his family's legacy, the entire Pleasure Island, was destroyed by a huge storm, Hurricane Connie, in 1955.

Taken out by a storm? Sound familiar?

9. Fast forward to May of 1998. May is the same month but the end of the year is mirrored. Remember? May 1989 Disney built Pleasure Island. In May 1998, Jeffrey Epstein bought Little Saint James Island which would aquire many nicknames in its future, including, "Pleasure Island".
10. Stories of Epstein trafficking children to his Island are numerous. His recruiters trafficked children to him for his "Pleasure", as the world just discovered with Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest. There are also rumors that Disney itself trafficked children to Epstein Island.
12. Epstein's arrest in 2008 was handled by then U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta. The notorious deal included an extremely light sentence in exchange for Epstein's guilty plea. Acosta claims he was told by the powers-that-be, to go easy on Epstein because he was with "intelligence".
13. This always confused me and made me scratch my head. Then, I came across something in this Bloomberg article that Really caught my eye. Without detail and not apparently in the recordings, at some point David Bank asked Jeffrey Epstein for his Client List. Epstein refused.
14. However, the author in this Bloomberg article has in quotations, a direct quote,

- Epstein wouldn’t name any of his other clients, nor say how many there were. “Less than 10. More than four.”

That less than 10 statement is what caught my attention. Do you understand?
15. We saw the military dress uniforms and costumes that Epstein wore to his elaborate parties and to those held by the Rothschilds or English royalty. If Alex Acosta is right, is it possible Jeffrey Epstein WAS working for our intelligence agencies?

And fewer than 10 knew?
16. When Q said less than 10 know who I am, we all expected that meant fewer than 10 White Hats knew who Q was. But in context, this changes everything. Did Q approach Epstein's "less than 10" and say, "we have it all"...thus, those, less than 10 people, now know who Q is?
17. Fewer than 10 can see the whole picture. Notice this drop again.

"Of those (less than 10 people) only three are non-military...Outside of a potential operator who has been dialed-in w/ orders (specific to his/her mission) nobody else has this information."
18. At some point, soldiers-assets-operators have been involved with this group of less than 10, but they only know of the individual or select piece they were involved in and...they don't talk. They don't have the big picture like the less than 10 do.
19. In reading other drops, thinking about the "less than 10" being guilty of something actually makes sense. There have been major changes and they were allowed, or forced to happen, because of Q's pressure placed on Epstein's "less than 10".

But, Q references a mirror...a LOT.
20. Is it possible Q has their own "less than 10" team? A replica of Epstein's plan, but for good? If Epstein was able to hide, deceive and evade for decades, perhaps the plan was worth recreating but for good uses? Hitler was evil but his military strategies are worth studying.
21. What if 1 of Epstein's less than 10 is also part of Q's less than 10? Someone close who collected info, took notes, photos, etc?

What about drop 1788 again?

Why is there only one person who can answer? Why not others in the new less than 10 group? Why only POTUS?
22. The connections continue. Epstein plead guilty in June 2008 to sex crimes against children. His "Pleasure Island" was all over the news. Two months later, Sept 2008, Pleasure Island was hastily closed in Disney World. They blamed it on a rapid and recent decline in visitors.
23. But what of that fictional character the Disney used to set the stage for their notorious Pleasure Island? His name was Merriweather Adam Pleasure. His initials?


Is it coincidence that Q has told us so many times to look at "MAP"? Why say it in all capital letters?
24. Was this meant to be the initials of Merriweather Adam Pleasure? And, why is the phrase sometimes "MAP" while other times its "the MAP"? Q even told us to learn double meanings in a Drop about MAP!

The whole steel production is also integral here but that's for another day.
25. So, we have all these connections. We have all these topics and names and dates that correlate.

What does a MAP have that helps makes it able to be read and understood? A LEGEND.

The man who Disney said founded Pleasure Island was in fact part of a legend.
26. Perhaps there's more to all this that will help us understand where Q is heading. Its been right in front of us the whole time.

God bless and thanks for reading.



- End
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