[1] In 12th July 2020, Armenian Forces broke the ceasfire. A fight started and more than 10 people died in Azerbaijan, including a general.
[2] Armenia is spreading falsifications ans telling that Azerbaijan has started a war. They burn their own towns ans blame it on Azerbaijan.
[3] Reason why Armenian government setting argons is in Tovuz, where the fight is happening, There are actual facilities burned down and people who needed to leave their home.
[4] This all started back in 1988 when Armenian seperatists signed a petition using the name of Karabakh citizens in order to join the region to Armenia with the helpnof USSR. Reason behind is simple -
- USSR wanted the Caucasus to be a Christian region as a part of their Seperate and Conquer plan. You may find more on this in the QR CODED SOURCE below. Its a book.
[5] Armenians always mention that the Nagorno Karabakh is populated mostly with Armenians. That’s correct since there were over 724.000 FORCED RELOCATIONS OF AZERBAIJANIS ON FROM THE NAGORNO KARABAKH.
[6] Armenia also has occupied 7 other regions around the Nagorno Karabakh zone. These regions were never transferred by USSR. This is simply occupation.
[7] The fights are happening in Tovuz as I have mentioned. Tovuz is not an occupied place nor a Karabakh region. But why the fights are happening there? -
-Simply for more resources!
[8] Armenia gives the found UAZ and drone as a fact that Azerbaijan has started the conflict. But in reality UAZ is a car that is used by military to carry soldiers. If we consider Tavush and Tovuz are border neighbours and fight started in Tovuz -
-Then its clear why the UAZ was there. About the drone, Armenia posted a picture where they claimed it was an Azerbaijani drone taken down. A german conflict analyst- @JulianRoepcke posted this.
[10] The worst part is Armenia claims that Azerbaijan is the aggressor and then post this under a 15 year old girl's comment. We cencored the @'s in order to privacy
[11] Oh and this.
[12] Yet they are using Kim Kardashian to spread falsification.
#UPDATE : Armenia is spreading info about how Azerbaijan threatened the nuclear power source but doesn't spread how Armenia first threatened the Azerbaijan's Electric Sources since they both can give damage very bad.
#UPDATE : They also damage old mosques and other historic buildingsnin order to claim its theirs. Check out the Aghdam Mosque's current version below:
#UPDATE: Oh wow now they are accusing Azerbaijan threatening Armenia with an attack on Metsamor NPP. Wow they really can't read then. The mentioned water reservoir is the biggest in Caucaus and any attack on that reservoir can be resulted in a floodin the whole region (incl. NK)
#UPDATE: Mesamor is an old nuclear power plant with high rate of explosion. Considering the region that it is located is a seismic one, the plant can explode on its own and cause a great tragedy.
If you are an ally, feel free to put JFA🇦🇿 (Justice for Azerbaijan) in your names to show your alliance! I'll keep you updated on the situation!
#UPDATE Armenia manipultes the media. Today the official wikipedia page was changed into this and then the administration changed it back. Isn't this too far?
#UPDATE on rumors of Azerbaijan wanting to start a nuclear war part 1. Via justiceforazerbaijan instagram page!
#UPDATE If someone still doesn't believe in Armenian media manipulation, please go check the region called "Tovuz" on Google Maps, Its Azerbaijani region but when you search, this happens. Not over. If you click that, it redirects you to Tavush an Armenian region. @Google explain
#UPDATE Armenia we need an answer. Oh you have an "UAZ" and the fake drone video as an evidence right?
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