1. This 🧵 is about #ChrisCornell We will go over what happened to him & who really pulled the trigger. Everyone knows he was not a suicide like the media and his operative wife would like us to think.

Shall we begin❓
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2. This thread is going to be a long, detailed one. So please be patient with me as I will have to take breaks and leave a marker saying not to unroll every time I have to step away.

Many people helped with this information, and I will keep them anonymous. Some are not online.
3. Let us start with Chris's childhood. A brief history you can read more on your own.

Chris was born Christopher John Boyle on July 20 1964.

He was the second youngest of six children. He was a real human being, not a lab grown inversion. The cabal loves the real ones.
4. Here is a picture of Chris when he was little through his teens. This was made by a fan on FB after he passed.
5. This is Chris's dad and his brother Peter (👈who is compromised - wait for that part later - he sold out too and bought the suicide story even pushed it knowing damn well his brother was 187 by cabal. Oh how this is all gonna catch up with them). @ICEgov @SecretService @FBI
6. Here is Chris' mom, Karen who loved her son. But she doesn't want anything to do with the "speculations" about Chris' death either. The cabal did their job on this family.

One thing for sure, she loved her son. No matter what, a mother suffers the most.

7. For the record, I am not a fan nor did I even really know who Chris was until he died. I was working as an enty lawyer part time when they took his life. But when I went down this rabbit hole, it connected back to my work experience in SVU and #SexTrafficking so here we go.
8. Instead of giving you a life history of Chris, the best way to go about this is to present to you all the facts of this case. And let you decide what happened. Now that we are four years into @realDonaldTrump's term, we can talk about this more openly.
9. This thread focuses on the facts that led up to the actual m*d3r of Chris in Detroit Michigan at the MGM. And what happened afterwards.

A timeline to show you the relevant events to this case was prepared by an anon who helped with this endeavor. Thank you. Here it is 👇
10. Here is more information about Chris's music career as well as his "foundations and charities" that he was involved in. This will be significant later on in this thread. 💥🤔💥
11. In order to best understand the complexity of this case, we should all be familiar with the cast of characters involved in this crime. I would call them suspects, but that's up to the authorities.
12. #ChrisCornell the victim.

We have already covered his brief life history here. I encourage everyone to #DoYourOwnResearch with absolutely everything.
13. Susan Silver (not really relevant in this crime but we will include her as we should always #WatchTheWives ). She is Chris's first wife and mother of his only real child, Lilian Jean. The other two kids are not his. Read on. You will see later.
14. Now we get to #VickyKarayiannis the handler wife. Planted to seduce Chris - he didn't have a chance. Black widow moved in on him when the cabal said GO. That's how this works, folks. Get used to it. He's not the only one who had a handler wife. #WatchTheWives #QAnon
15. #IckyVicky is really "Victoria Raina Karayiannis (AKA KARAYAN and KARAS) DOB is 08/13/77 NY Miami And FL and CA. Comes from a family of low level Tony Soprano wanna bes. Eyes on the money for this one. Chris was the cash cow for her #Famefagging ways. #Obamagate
16. For the record, when CC died, Vicky was VERY busy scrubbing the internet for anything might implicate her. But she didn't succeed. Anons and fans compiled massive archives and #WeHaveItAll Actually, the feds have it all now. #VickyScrubs💥⚖️🔥 @SecretService @ICEgov @POTUS
17. Here is a picture of this creature at Chris' funeral - smiling. Alot to say about the funeral itself ... later. But let this picture sink in...
18. So when I originally started putting the pieces of this together and calling her out, this is what happened. She blocked me. But you can't block the law. Or God. Remember the feds #WeHaveItAll @ICEgov @FBI https://twitter.com/DilaraEsengil/status/870329602085855232?s=20Lucifer
19. We will come back to Icky later. Let's move on with the characters involved in this sh!tshow. How about #ToniKarayiannis (AKA T VASILIS, T VASIL, T KARAYAN, T KARAS) DOB 11/18/1951 Vicky's mother. From a snake comes a little snake. Vile. 🐍🐍
20. Looks like alot of YAYA's SM has been scrubbed. Any one have the post she left about how sexy Yaya (grandma in Greek) she was in a white bathing suite at 60? Please post it here. Anything you have on her. Now is the time to let it loose since she doesnt want it out!
21. Lets look at these kids that are not from Chris. For the record, no paternity test was ever done. Toni Cornell is named after what fans call #TheGargoyle )Toni Karayiannis) - but Toni is actually Gabriel Garko's child - Vicky's ex right before Chris.

Now look at #22 👇
22. In The Gargoyle's own words in her own tweet 👇😳 She has spelling and grammar issues. Grandma knew what kind of daughter she had. After all, the apple doesnt fall from the tree!

23. Then there is the other kid that #IckyVicky had with ... #JerryCantrell yep. This one is not Chris's kid either. What a happy family. This girl gets around.
24. Chris Cornell Jr Folks. If you haven't done research into Luciferian #DenMothers this would be a good time. Also, interesting clown ties here in that Susan Silver was the manager for Alice In Chains. Let that sink in. Cant find the photo of Vicky and Jerry #VickyScrubs
25. A statement was made by an anon who is no longer with us. They were in the industry. "Garko was w/ Vicky she met Chris. She was already pregnant with his daughter who we have strong reason to believe Chris found out about later, was not his." RIP to this anon.
26. All measures to suppress this information have been made by the Karayiannis family and their Luciferian masters. The #FakeNews media has wiped and scrubbed the internet in more ways than one. But many have archives. Let is loose anons!
27. Next is Nicholas Karayiannis who is Vicky's criminal bother AKA Nick Blast Partner for BK Restaurants (failed and a front) formerly killed an innocent person while driving drunk in NY. Family had to relocate to Paris. Then family moved back to US on Chris' dime. Nick is in FL
Cc's "personal" physician (after he marries VK). How convenient. It's what this industry does. Makes you go to so and so - it may even seem like a suggestion. Trust me the clowns are crafty. https://twitter.com/DilaraEsengil/status/1007130155645628417?s=20
29. https://twitter.com/DilaraEsengil/status/1034158519241588736?s=20
30. Next there is Kirk Kerkorian owner AND funder of the movie the Promise. And the MGM!!! (Where Chris was rerouted to the night of his m3rd3r instead of the St. Regis)
Employer of Eric Esrailian as producer of the movie and involved in “’refugee” foundations for children.
31. MARTIN KRISTEN The Bodyguard
Ex to MTF Heidi Klum’s & mossad op.
who blackmailed her and got a big payout and house for his mother. He is rumored to have broken up her marriage with her husband, the Grammy award winning musician,
32. MK (notice the initials) was at the hotel where they did Chris in. His police statement and what actually happened is way off course. We will come back to this guy later.
33. A few more pics of this one.
35. Taking a break. I'll be back though we haven't even started yet!
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