Everyone always discusses “Alpha” Mew but have you ever stopped to think that Mew is actually completely vulnerable and soft when it comes to Gulf? I think Mew is the type of boyfriend who is clingy and hangs from arms. The type of boyfriend who wants attention so when Gulf is
Playing video games he lays in his lap and Gulf leans over him and gives him soft kisses. I think Mew is softer then half of you think he is. Tons of times people who put on a tough exterior are truly the most vulnerable and gentle people when they get close to someone. You
Can tell by the little glimpses we get into their life. Gulf protects and loves Mew just as much. I think there are probably times when they are together that Mew seems like the younger one. The point is Mew has let his guard down completely for Gulf. That is not
an easy thing to do. Older people in the relationship tend to think they need to be the protector and provider of everything so isn’t it a truly miraculous and beautiful thing that Mew feels so calm around Gulf that he just completely
let’s down his guard and let’s Gulf lead sometimes and protect and be completely vulnerable to him? I think that is a beautiful thing and something that we are lucky to witness ❤️😭😩 #MewGulf
I also want to add to this thread now because it was confirmed by both of them that Mew is more child like 🥺 Also I noticed this a while back but 90% of the time Gulf is the one who holds Mew’s hand from the front. People who hold the hand from the front tend to
be protective. They also tend to be the one who is more bold in the relationship and the one who leads a ton. We know Gulf indulges in the fact Mew is possessive. He makes jokes towards his friends like saying “you are going to get it” because he
pretended to kiss his cheek etc. I think there dynamic is so uniq and special and different and none of us will ever understand how much they really mean to eachother 🥺 They complete eachother. Mew is gentle and strong, yet childlike, and soft, and needs someone who will take
care of him too. Gulf is quiet and resilient, but also brave and bold when he is with those he loves. He is protective and kind and loves with his whole heart. They truly are the perfect match for eachother 🥺❤️ #MewGulf
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