You see these words you think there’s nothing behind them there’s no information that might change your life and people want to tell me “they’re so sorry that I have this outlook” but they don’t even know even 10% of what I know

🐇 go down the rabbit hole
Zoom in on this
Do you guys want to be fearful or do you not want to admit you’ve been lied to or
Just read the comments #zuckerberg #fauci
You need to hear this ... coronavirus is distracting us from a lot
“Why would anyone listen to some antiVaxxer on Facebook who is clearly anti-science over actual real doctors and scientists? You are wasting your breath and time.” okay you fucking sheep I already told you I don’t care what you believe but go head and try to belittle me some more
If it’s illegal you shouldn’t obey just because others are
Did you know that there are numerous valid reasons to NOT wear a mask?

Bacterial Infections
Chronic Sinus Issues
Clogged Pores
Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
Cystic Acne
Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Deviated Septum
Down Syndrome
Essential Tremor
Tons more plus++
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Sensory Processing Disorder
Sexual Abuse
Victims of Domestic Violence
Victims of Human Trafficking
Victims of Sexual Abuse and Assault
Visually Impaired
The next time that you see someone out and about that is not wearing a mask, please do not HARASS or BULLY that person. You do NOT know their situation or their personal physical or mental health struggles.

Does this make sense?
If you want to wear a mask, that is fine for you, but please do not become a mask bully and make an already difficult situation even worse for those around you with your nasty looks or your rude remarks. You can’t expect every human being on earth to wear a mask it’s delusional.
Everyone keeps saying 5g is a okay but I disagree .... full video is super long you’d have to join my group to see it
My kind of art
Wakey wakey
Yes or no?
“What about the fact scientist and billers and coders are manipulating the system for more money? I just saw an article. A Florida scientist got fired for refusing to manipulate “COVID-19” data”
Mandatory masks

Digital Identity.
The origins of the eugenics movement
Division is man made
A nice fun run down on Bill Gates
There’s that number 33 again
On Kanye
What if I told you...
If you want to stay in the dark you can however you’re only doing a disservice to yourself and your family and your friends. Watch this video about ID 2020! do you want a Covid certificate?
Do you want to be owned by a corporation?
What do you mean how? Watch the video above.
Robert Muller is a self-confessed Luciferian New World Order leader, and a former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. Muller is one of the foremost leaders in the New Age/New World Order Movement.
Is JFK Jr. alive?
Do you think ID2020 is the mark of the beast?
Have you ever heard about this Pepsi drinkers? @pepsi
Never forget what this Rabbi said about @McDonalds
Look into it
Satanic ritual abuse is real stop denying it
Adrenochrome / C9H9NO3; is the blood from traumatized murdered humans usually (kidnapped children)
#Adrenochrome (alternatively called Neuromelanin) is a hallucinogenic
drug suspected to have been used in Project MKUltra. Like Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), Secret Cold War experiments tested various drugs during unethical human experimentation in the United States.
ritualistic abuse going back to the 1700s
What’s happening here and who is this man
Never forget I know I won’t
Clearly cannot
Homeschooling in 2020
Gross but a point
Sex kitten programming or
Look into it.
One can only assume and speculate when knowledge is purposefully held back from us and we have to search endlessly for the truth.... so calling someone a conspiracy theorist doesn’t make you better than them by any means. Remember this.
The list of conspiracy theories that turned out to be true goes on
I mean in the scheme of things we’re all conspiracy theorists....if asked your opinion on a situation you weren't directly involved in and you choose to answer wi xyz wouldn't that be a hypothesis of the situation = theory of a conspiracy.
This is not a map of is a map of human trafficking. Maybe if we spread the numbers about human trafficking like we do COVID daily numbers, more people would be aware.

It is a multi-billion dollar industry that has 25 MILLION people enslaved around the world!!!
The USA is the largest area for downloaded and uploaded child porn. 800,000 children go missing from the USA each year alone.

Where is the main stream media on this?
Where is the celebrity outcry?
Where are the protests, the rallies?
Where is the outrage?!

Is your child more likely to be sold to human traffickers or is your child more likely to die of COVID-19?
Amazing how I see more people talking about trump and tik tok than I do talking about this huge protest happening in hollywood...
She’s talking about things you won’t listen to from people who don’t have verified accounts
Does child sex trafficking make you angry

If you can get loud about COVID, if you can get loud about racial inequality, if you can get loud about police brutality, if you can get loud about mask wearing, YOU CAN GET LOUD ABOUT THIS.

The children are counting on it.
Leaving LA huh?
Inside CNN
Stop supporting Hollywood
This is Nike's new sticker they are putting on only boys clothing...?
Follow me on Instagram 📲
Teen titans Go
What is the Illuminati?
Paul Walker fan?
⚠️ Severe trigger warning mother talks about abusing her daughter ⚠️

I haven’t even finished the video and I’m having a hard time fighting back tears
It just gets worse
And worse
How does Instagram censor posts about covid19 in a matter of seconds but this disgusting pedophile shit is allowed??????
Trigger warning ⚠️ rape
Her fans are children?
She admits to suffering with a mental illness
How does someone who’s said this maintain custody of any child.....? Or perhaps she doesn’t and she’s telling people she does..
Update her daughter has been taken ^^

You know these men don’t you? Hefner and Rockefeller
Things aren’t getting worse...
Not 1,000, not 2,000 but 4,000 photos of child porn found on Steven Albrecht's computer while living in Lake Ariel.

Detectives say some of the photos showed TODDLERS and INFANTS in bondage. Now he will spend 2-6 years in a State Correctional Institution.
Peep the full video of Angelina Jolie talking about this ritual here
Wake up we’re being programmed
Simply google Deborah Tavares better yet use DuckDuckGo instead
Thoughts on this document?
WiFi 💭
Silent weapon quiet war
The plan to BURN UP Northern California
She mentions a second plan in this portion
Do you think smart meters are safe?
Did you know?
Microwave weapon warefare
Wifi is dangerous to biological lifeforms. We are electromagnetic beings and we respond to electromagnetic frequencies.

📳 Thousands of studies show the harmful effects of wifi on humans including it’s links to cancer, brain tumors, oxidative stress, depression, headaches etc
John Patterson fired after speaking up about towers emitting radiation much higher than the legal limit
Still In chemtrail denial are we? This is the air we breathe.
Geo-Engineering patents for you to look into
War is being waged against you whether you know it or not
Sources of EMF include

Cell towers
Cell phones
Power lines
House alarms
Tv screens
Microwave ovens
WiFi routers
Smart meters

Are these around you often? ⚠️
Climate engineering
They’ve been spraying the skies since you were a kid
Electromagnetic mind control
You don’t cover the Earth and cell towers and radar stations that all emit constant frequencies at an ever increasing level if you are concerned about global warming...
Is anything safe? Not even the rain water?
⛅️ ✈️ Chemtrails Part one
Part two
Chemtrails part 3
Part 4
A closed minded person...
Whether it shows up in the form of speaking against oppressive authority, leaving abusive relationships
Remember wing-dings on Microsoft, And how you could type "9 1 1" in that font and 2 skyscrapers and a plane would show up?
Noam Chomsky
This is how it really feels
Aluminum is a prime receiver of electromagnetic signals.

What is the main element being sprayed everywhere via geoengineering (chemtrails)? That's right...aluminum!
What causes alzheimer's and dementia due to accumulation of aluminum in the brain? Aluminum!

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in genetically modified foods, actually stimulates the body to accept and absorb aluminium.
Both glyphosate and aluminum work together in ways that destroy healthy gut flora. Glyphosate disrupts gut bacteria, leading to an overgrowth of Clostridium difficile. Its toxic product, p-cresol, is linked to autism in both human and mouse models.
What binds with fluoride to go in and calcify your pineal gland? Aluminum! Glyphosate chelates aluminium, allowing ingested aluminum to bypass the gut barrier. This leads to anemia-induced hypoxia, promoting neurotoxicity and damaging the pineal gland. 🧠
Feelings, compulsions, urges and thoughts are all implanted into the psyche via HAARP technology and Wi-Fi that has an effect on everything inorganic around in scope, such as aluminium deposits in the body, which serve as a receivers/transmitters in the brain’s pineal gland.
Open to your hearing your thoughts on these genetically engifneered mosquitos being released in Florida
Oh yes wash your hands properly
Ohio did something.... 👏🏾
Prepare for your food shortages 2020
Muzzles keep you healthy for sure
Great group
The matrix had me four years ago! Patriotism is another form of mind control imo. We let that argument take over our minds when really Colin is a pawn a puppet if you will.
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