RIP john lewis. he used his heroic civil rights era activism to ascend into what franklin frazier called the black bourgeoisie, and then wielded it as a cudgel against any movement for even modest redistribution of wealth that would have disproportionately benefited minorities
in 2008 he endorsed hillary clinton before switching to obama due to pressure from black voters. in 2016 he came out strong for hillary and smeared bernie, saying he "never saw" him at civil rights events. a true heroic fighter against policies like medicare4all. again, RIP
btw I know some white shitlib karens will try to turn this into a bernie bro narrative: I'm a black woman and I find nothing more sickening than people using their radical legacies to prevent necessary change from happening in the present. go cry about it
in 2011 john lewis voted against withdrawal of US forces from libya. this is the intervention that brought back slave markets. and this statement in 2016 is sickening, erasing bernie's activism while falsely adding hillary clinton, the proud "goldwater girl", into the history
brother cornel west was right in this statement from 2016
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