Jimin once again tops the brand reputation ranking of Individual Boy Group members for July 2020. 🎉

He continues to break his record, being the first and only Korean idol to top the list 19 times in a row and 21 times overall.

Congratulations Jimin!! 👏

#JIMIN #지민 @BTS_twt
All members in the top 16

#1 Jimin
#3 Jungkook
#4 V
#6 Suga
#9 Jin
#12 RM
#16 J-hope

BTS Jimin
▫️Positivity ratio: 83.50%
▫️Link analysis: record, surpass, unrivaled
▫️Keyword Analysis: Billboard, Oricon, hashtag
This is an incredible record for Jimin as he ranks #1 for 19 consecutive months with an exceptional positivity ratio (83.50%)!

Congratulations Jimin!!☺

▫️ http://naver.me/G4IEEcJS 
▫️ http://naver.me/F2rDD0pA 
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