pay attention. #bobmorley #thetruth #thefacts
two weeks before statement.
talks about putting a song out. talks about worrying about never finding that love/connection again. strange thing to say about your abuser mm?
a week before the statement. caught talking like this about #bobmorley, calls him a cunt. quotes a hate accounts thread. says he said he would never be enough for her when the statement says it was her who never be enough. cross reference it.
she is laughing at ex misfortune. claims to have inside knowledge that was refuted by someone who works on the show. does not appear scared even a small amount.
notice in her first statement she claims bob is her only abusive ex she is speaking about. pay attention to her words here, she says she continuously dates psychopaths.
before putting out her official written statement she went on twitch and spoke in a rehearsed statement about the abuse she got from fans, denying all wrongdoing. she claims to be scared of him in that video too, a huge contrast to the streams where she acts the bully.
now lets take a look at the twitter statement shall we.
she makes claims she was isolated and gaslighted away from her family a friends. here are some evidence to refute this claim.
sound very isolated mm?
she claims that she caught them on cameras. cameras "accidentally as not to appear controlling" left on. this makes no sense. see she followed both #elizataylor and #bobmorley for months after the break up. see the dates for yourself friends.
7th march 2019 arryn commented on the women she had "caught"
this does not fit with her timeline. many things do not fit. the most detailed allegation is that of cheating. she says he demanded to keep the house, but in her stream she says he let her have the dogs because "he knew he fucked up". these statements together contradiction.
arryn claims she was never out and proud in her relationship with bob. these tweets say otherwise. some mentioned she never went to pride when with bob, notice she never went before she was with him either.
i don't think he had any issue with her being bisexual. nor do i believe that bob is a biphobe. arryn said herself she openly cheated on her ex with women. she was allowed to. it seems bob was not as ok with it as miles.
the largest most detailed part of the statement is not about abuse as you would think. but about bob and eliza. she says projections, she says he hated her. she says she was forced to be friends with her while liking all of her photos during and after.
she says he broke up with her on valentines day. this was to get into our heart strings. tweets may indicate it happened earlier. either way she did not spend 3 months in that house. another untruth.
for your consideration.
remember earlier i said she recited a hate accounts bullet points? here is her interacting with them. this whole thing is a projection of her feelings, of these peoples hatred. the very people who attacked bob and eliza the moment they got married.
this thread comes in light of the thread that appeared during the night. also for your consideration.
the part i believe. they were toxic together. the fans were at times abusive and treated the women in ways nobody deserves. it must hurt to have everything fans have said come true, no wonder she wants to punish fans. she hates them for being right.
fans were cruel to her. this is reflected in her statement both on the stream where she says he doesn't like his fans. in her twitter statement where she says he paid her to keep them away from him. photos from this event dispute this. this is revenge on the fans and on beliza.
believe he paid her to translate. use your heads to see he doesn't hate his fans (think he created a con to be closer to fans) he paid her to be kind because she was broke. she says this on her stream.
please be aware that bob and eliza have been turnt into villians so that she would no longer be the villian. nobody forced her to attack him on her stream just like she wasn't forced to be friends with eliza. she clearly had an interest in knowing her.
re the bowling video. the bowling strike was mentioned because the video was out there. the face bob made was about her crude shouting not her strike. this is a comment regarding the video, she copied elizas accent so well people couldn't tell who.
arryns first posts after the statement included a link for domestic violence, despite not experiencing violence at the hands of bob. this was inflammatory. it followed with pictures of herself taken at a photoshoot paid for by paid to help her feel good.
bob helped arryn feel better about herself as she details here. in her own words. a photographer spoke out saying how good he was with her. he posted a photo to verify (that we had not seen) i am currently not posting these but they have been around.
more to come. do not attack me. these are facts readily available for anyone who looks beyond a statement meant to save face and ruin a career. this is revenge.
on another note, she was an avid supporter of amber heard. feels relevant at this time to say amber held accusations against the very man she was abusing.
final considerations.
believe victims but also believe sometimes its a wolf in sheeps clothing, painting a moc as a villian.
bob and eliza lost a child. they have been battling mental health and helping eachother through it. death threats, telling them to kill themselves, saying they deserved there loss makes you pure evil. leaking there address, you are the same ones that abused arryn.
everytime bob and eliza appeared happy arryn came out with something bad about bob. recognise patterns.
arryn says in her statement bob let the fans send her hate. he did nothing to stop it. what could he do other than what he did? he blocked fans who bullied. and he tweeted how hurtful is was.
after all this if you really believe that statement came with pure intentions and not as a pr stunt/revenge then i do not know what i can tell you. willful blindness.
for your consideration.
more is about to come. if anyone has anything to add my dms are open.
part two. thanks friend.
keep cross referencing the statement. here is the real reason why she deleted her youtube channel. another untruth.
the statement says she gave up fighting for the house because fans found out. they did not find out. she told them when she posted it attached to her name.
this was posted in 2018. not something you post if with a biphobe/homophobe mm?
still interacting with his family. the ig post is from april 2019.
remember she says she was isolated from friends and family. says she stopped singing. these posts are her parents coming to see them, bob going to see her family and her showcasing piano to sing with all while together. another untruth.
so they broke up on valentines day yes? thats what the statement says. lets look at this. i wonder when its from?
according to this. arryn was bowling with people on valentines day. so she was not with bob mm? you see the date?
this is the day i believe the actual break up happened. much less cruel than valentines day. see when the comfort comes from father the day after?
remember she says he just let it happen. what else could he do?
proof to earlier tweet. she went out of town when bob was injured and at his most helpless. this is not an act of a devoted girlfriend being manipulated and isolated.
singing. friends. boyfriend. job. parents. travelling. money. happiest she has ever been. cross referencing the statements yes? tick tick tick. untruths.
think for you not for the crowd. do we wish our abusers come back? this is early 2019 i believe.
cross reference friends.
there is more to come. short break. dms are open. keep sharing. #bobmorley #elizataylor #istandwithetruth
do not send hate.
biphobic and homophobic hm? more evidence that backs that this was a fantasy created by hate accounts. she needed validation and they gave it spite the people they hate for getting married. look at everything. those people always hated. the evidence says what we need to know.
this link should work. start at 20.40. does this sound like it discussed beforehand? truth manipulation. being accepting is not the same as finding it hot. will link the part of the statement this references.
this part of the statement.
beforehand? not wanting to be cheated on, counting cheating with a woman as cheating is not homophobic or biphobia.
spent christmas with family. isolated mm?
best friend only just unfollowed? if isolated would you not unfollow before this?
addressing this video that has been floating online. notice he was happy for her strike? he only pulled face at loud crude shouting of suck my .... twice! look at his face before that. open and happy for her.
more to come. thank you everyone. i have not tagged her in this to avoid inciting hate. enough is enough.
but pay attention. when they can no longer control you they will try and control the way you are viewed.
her mom only just unfollowed bob. would you continue following the man who isolated your child over a year after they parted ways? think.
you notice how i did this in a way to prevent her getting hate? to avoid engaging with angry nasty humans? she does not offer the same favor. death threats to beliza are ok, miscarriage tweets fine,attacking people is cool. but a thread simply reading her words is her limit.
aim of the game? i would be mad too. intention.
christmas 2018. believe they stayed with her family.
this stays up on her instagram. i can not look at pictures of my abuser without feeling sick. she looks back fondly. they may have had a toxic relationship, but it was two sided and she said herself she wants that lovd connection again. this does not add up.
bob never had instagram. so this was not for his benefit. this was how she felt. the week he made an instagram she went off then came back angry. keep the timeline in mind. abusers dont say silent, they care too much about image. who here seems to be concerned with this? think.
this was april 19. this energy towards the family of person who broke your heart?does this make sense? she was fine with both until marriage announcements. see above thread? she wanted to be the one to marry in.
i can not see a family with these kind of boundaries allowing isolation. this was one day without contact.
please go back through this thread and read the thread i linked. you are aware there is proof this happened no? too many things to be a coincidence. this may become relevant later. the abuse and toxic went two ways.
she was tweeting valentines day as well as bowling. tweet and delete? i dont know what this means but worth a think.
what is that strange item i see in the corner? oh piano. that she sings with mm?
for your consideration.
this was after her trip. is this someone who just caught cheating? #think
these remain on her instagram to this day.
notice above how you are not able to comment on that photo set? its no accident that it was left up. you can comment on the others. would you take deliberate steps to keep and picture up with a flat out abuser?
arryn likes a break up to have flare, to keep a connection. read this. for bob to simply fall for someone else and move on so easily it would be hard for her mm? i understand. her and friends keep saying wait for the statement, they silent. they really want to open a connection.
when bob joined instagrams, arryn was not happy. this was posted a few days after. just before this whole thing started. i too would find it hard seeing my ex being so open when they was not with me. does not justify the statement though.
her friends are ok with people processing and spending hours on disgusting "art" like this, but give some facts and im harassing? this was never about her being free and moving on. that is not the aim of this. and this thread? this is us processing.. infomation.
she blames the fans for this.said she was done after twitch but keeps talking about it? put up jacket design pictures,she wants this connection with them. it was something she could take away. bob is bad at technology,so she helped. but he paid for it. why would they mention her?
more importantly, why would she want to be mentioned? why would you want to be part of that publicly? why would they mention an ex helped with it? thats just awkward. it was his gift, that he paid for. i dont design gifts i give. i just pay for them. strange thing to post.
make no mistake this is punishment.for bob and eliza,for fans for predicting this. things she has said back this up. to the fans "if you think he likes you he does not" "he doesn't like going to cons"(he created a con so he'd be close to fans though)
for eliza she called her a girl and said "he hated her before" she is sticking the knifee in. she covered all the angles to make them hated. things that were not fact or relevant.
her friends say all his cast workers took her side. lets see. layne? the lady who referred to bob as having white male privilege and was harassed by fans for it. jess? her best friend. jrb? was not around for these. lindsey who praised bob that same week.
the rest were extras ( sachin etc) most have ignored. marie and tasya, two people who were around have stayed quiet. mike who worked with them tweeted in defence with his facts then was attacked and apologys.
thread got cut off.
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