@USCIS asylum officer Council 119 union's comment on proposed asylum regulation: "it seeks to upend a carefully crafted asylum system and to nightmarishly pervert
its purpose from protection to punishment for those seeking refuge in our country... https://www.pbwt.com/news/firm-submits-comments-on-proposed-federal-regulations-on-behalf-of-the-national-citizen-and-immigration-services-council-119/?fbclid=IwAR0IcNdUj9oDEq4IzTqrlF_SzREXarrYSic-vPR8agcadvaYURtRNpgtTOM
...Where it once sought to identify and welcome those with meritorious claims of persecution under international
law, it now seeks to erect indiscriminate, callous, and unlawful barriers....
...Council 119 has a special interest in the Proposed Regulation because its members are at
the forefront of interviewing and adjudicating the claims of individuals seeking asylum in the
United States....
...Council 119’s members have first-hand knowledge as to how the proposed rules will impact asylum adjudications and pre-screening operations, as well as how they comport
with international & domestic laws concerning due process for asylum seekers & the protection of refugees."
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