This is a separate thread to highlight Aaron Dietrich’s excellent article, posted to Facebook, where he explains the connection between satanic rituals and early childhood mind control in the “Monarch” program. (Like MK Ultra this is another name.)
The main point I want to highlight here is his research on why Satanism is used, even if the people performing the mind control don’t believe in Satanism.
Why do I want to highlight this? Because I believe that the public will naturally unify once there is mainstream awareness of the hidden motive behind such tactics.
Here is Aaron Dietrich’s Twitter account where he shared the article. (Please consider following.)
Dietrich notes that Project Monarch is never discussed whereas MKUltra is.
Hello, I had to take a break and am back.
Dietrich: "This piece is really going to be about the children more than anything, and how they have become a HUGE aspect of the intel/spy game, not just in the U.S. but across the world."
(Bear with me. We've switched over to another article for a bit. This one is by by Ron Patton.)
"The hypothetical etymology of "MK" may possibly stand for "Mind Kontrolle." The obvious translation of the German word "Kontrolle" into English is "control.""
I apologize for the unbearable pace of this thread.
Tyler, in turn, is quoting from "Conspiracy Reader: From the Deaths of JFK and John Lennon to Government-Sponsored Alien Cover-Ups."
The purpose behind all this detail is to ground our discussion in extensive research, not in hype.
Let's start with the monarch butterfly. Why is the project named for this creature? (Project Monarch is not about monarchy or kingship)
The name has to do with the type of trauma inflicted on the child's mind.

The child starts as an ordinary human being (caterpillar)
The "trainer" (so to speak) through trauma

morphs the child from caterpillar, to cocoon (period of "dormancy, inactivity")

to a "butterfly (new creation"

that "will return to its point of origin"

and carry out the mission.
Regarding the monarch butterfly: "Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique."
Very disturbing.
"Project MONARCH could be best described as a form of structured dissociation

and occult integration,

in order to compartmentalize the mind into multiple personalities within a systematic framework."
"Structured dissociation" --> there is a defined process through which the child's mind is broken off from itself and turned into multiple personalities, each with a role and a mission, that do not know of or remember the other personalities.
"Occult integration" --> the child's mind is put back together again through unnatural means. You can call it the science of sorcery if you want.
The occult element is facilitated through satanic imagery, symbols, rituals, and so on.
If you read nothing else in this thread, read the above tweet and understand it.

The people doing these rituals are not believers in anything.

They just use scary bogeyman masks for effect.

And it works.
"In order to compartmentalize the mind into multiple personalities within a systematic framework."

The torturer deliberately breaks the child's mind apart, and puts it back together again in a very specific way, so that the child will be a reliable agent.
The above quotes were from "The Conspiracy Reader." Now some comment from me.
Briefly, if you understand that Project Monarch is real, and you understand that the satanic stuff is real (a methodology to produce broken people that appear functional), then you also understand modern branding, and why it is so destructive.
I know about branding from my career (sociologist turned brand consultant turned brand researcher, before starting to work for the government; all opinions my own).
Modern branding is the creation of an artificial personality to sell you things.

You've probably watched "Mad Men," and Don Draper as the main character in that show explains it really well.

What I never realized is that branding is an extension of Project Monarch.
If I take an ordinary shirt, and I want to sell it to you for three times the price it's worth, I have to imbue it with qualities that don't actually exist.

That is branding, and it is fundamental to making you want things you don't otherwise need.
Without getting into ethical branding (e.g. actually making products that are better or socially responsible) -- the point is that we have come to accept falsehood as truth.

For example, celebrities are nothing more than brands.
If you understand that celebrities only enter into the public sphere because they are brands, you can easily see the connection between Project Monarch and branding, and how we all contribute to the continuation of this evil project.
Without getting sidetracked, we can all think of celebrities who have tried to remove themselves from the control of their handlers, and the fate that they suffered.
Project Monarch, via branding, extends not only to consumer culture but also to the news industry. You are not allowed to be a newscaster and be a journalist. It is incumbent upon you to act as a brand.
In the same way, branding has fully enveloped our elected officials. You cannot be a member of Congress and speak the truth (unless you're @ChuckGrassley). Instead you must adopt a brand image and reflect that image at all times, or you will be removed from office.
We have fully accepted as a given that our public officials will be one way in front of us, and one way at home, to the point where officials who violate this "oath" are pursued vigorously as "insane," "evil," and "dangerous."
Think of all the things that a brainwashed person will do.
So, to the satanic element.
From "The Conspiracy Reader":

"During this (Proj. Monarch) process, a Satanic ritual, usually including Cabalistic [also spelt Kabbalistic] mysticism, is performed with the purpose of attaching a particular demon or group of demons to the corresponding alter(s)."
This is another dimension to the brainwashing and it explains the satanic element specifically.

Not only is the child's mind broken, but the torturer deliberately invokes an evil spirit to take control of the split-off part of the child's mind.
If the child's broken mind results in a "file cabinet" of personalities (as someone referred to it somewhere; I don't have the link), each "file folder" contains a personality description, and also the "name" of a handler who is invisible (demonic).
If you believe that angels are real, then you must believe that demons are real, because God made this world a world of choice, so everything good has its equal opposite.
If you believe that a prayer circle can keep someone alive, then you must also believe that evil people can use occult methods to control people in satanic ways.

You don't have to like it, but this reality gives us free will.
Now, let's say you don't believe in demons.

Does that mean that Project MONARCH is just a figment of my imagination?

Either way (my comment), the result is the same, and not just because of the child's psychology, but because THERE IS NO INHERENT REALITY TO EVIL OTHER THAN THE REALITY WE GIVE IT BY BEING DISCONNECTED FROM FAITH IN GOD.
This is the reason that the left wants to ban singing in church and blames coronavirus. Singing in church is something that anyone can do without special knowledge of religion, and music has a unique capacity to reunite the soul with God.
D'Arc and Hidell: "Of course, most skeptics would view this [satanic ritual] as simply a means to enhance trauma within the victim, negating any irrational belief that demonic possession actually occurs.”"
Okay? So please don't tell me you can't believe in Project Monarch because you can't side with "religious nutcases."
And this is the point that Dietrich makes so well:

"I really like they way that author/researcher puts it, how it really doesn't matter if someone is a skeptic when it comes to real Satanic/demonic occultism,"
"because when you are talking about this type of mind control and the psychology behind it, which undoubtedly exists and is well studied by academics, using the Satanic/demonic symbology has a certain ability to enhance the trauma being applied as an 'alter' to the subject."
Okay? The ALTAR (which is of course the inverse of a genuine, holy sacrificial altar as referred to in the Bible) and the ALTER (which is the resulting dissociated personality used as an agent of evil).
All you have to do is remember this, and this undoubtedly going to be one of Dietrich's most important contributions to the mainstreaming of this knowledge:

"Altars and Alters"

Altars and alters

Altars and alters
Dietrich: "Think about it this way, and I'm sorry to get a bit graphic here but it's necessary."

At this point I would like to offer people a trigger warning. The rest of this is going to be hard to read if you are a survivor.
It will also be hard to read if you are sensitive like me. I myself am having trouble dealing with it.
Dietrich: "First consider a child being brutally raped on the Altar where all the people they trust, love, and that should be powerful enough to protect them worship, in a church of God, by the powerful priests of that church."

"It's going to be extremely traumatic no doubt."
"Next imagine a child being put through the same thing on a Satanic altar, surrounded by darkness, fire, terrifying imagery and symbolism, maybe sacrifices are involved, and a devotion to demons is part of the ritual."
"Now imagine that both of those cases are the same child, experiencing both, and all of your 'guardians' are part of your abuse, at an Altar/altar."

The brutal rape and the ritual are happening at the same time to the child.
Remember that rape is an instrument of war and is not necessarily the end in itself as you might think.
1 + 1 = 3 or 3000.

It is the FUSION of the sexual trauma and the religious trauma that produces the dissociated individual who can thereafter be remapped and controlled invisibly (again, invisible enemy).
Dietrich: "That becomes an alter, it is the disassociation and compartmentalization that results, and that's called Dissociative Identity Disorder."

"Each new trauma, especially if it's progressively worse, can cause a new alter which is a new personality."
If you stop

and read

and truly understand this

you understand why people who understand this have their lives taken over by the need to eradicate it.
Dietrich: "All of this is part of the 'mind control game'. The trauma is very real, and in that state of trauma the mind becomes very susceptible to influence."
And you can see this from the mobs on the streets that appear to have no brains.
Dietrich: "Perception is reality, which is part of why they need to compartmentalize."

Understand that the basis of a controlled person's reality is not reality, but rather the communication that flows from the handler.
The handler has in effect hypnotized the controlled person such that certain triggers (perceptions) will produce certain behaviors in response.

Now you know why the word "triggered" is so applicable to "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

"You can't handle the truth."
None of this has anything to do with politics or with Trump per se, but rather with a divide between those who are already mind controlled (zombies, NPC, politically correct, and so on) and those who are not.
Dietrich: "Each new alter/personality is just as real as the demons they can perceive,"

"and if their mind becomes sufficiently fractured those demons can actually possess them."

Let's take this step by step.
"Each new alter/personality is just as real as the demons they can perceive" -

imagine a file cabinet again.

The more the victim believes that there is a controlling entity attached to the dissociated personality, the more likely they are to act it out.
Of course handlers do have actual enforcers running around, and those people work to restrain the victim, particularly one who "threatens" to break free of their restraints.

Thus the phenomenon of "targeted individuals."
"and if their mind becomes sufficiently fractured those demons can actually possess them."

In other words, the human being can only handle so much trauma and so many mental breaks, and once they are past the point of negotiating some sort of way of living with it, they collapse.
The collapsed mind control victim, being fully possessed, is unable to appear authentic in any way (as opposed to perhaps partly plastic), and that is when people start to realize that they are very "strange" (e.g. Jim Carrey, and we're starting to see it with Tom Hanks)
I will end this thread with just a few more points.
Dietrich: "So it doesn't really matter if YOU believe in Satanism, demons and possession, dark occult rituals, or even mind control for that matter."
"What matters is that the Nazis did, and that they did the most unthinkable, unmoral, and downright evil studies, using real scientific rigor unbound by ethics, on countless subjects, to figure out all of these boundaries of the human mind."
"It also matters that the U.S. captured all of that data and some of the experts of that research and literally attached it to our nation's first ever permanent semi-autonomous intel agency via op Paperclip."
"This isn't speculation, it's all sourced information that you can find in simple searches.
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