There are many theory regarding the questions, why the Grand Sun temple was constructed at Konark ?

According to one theory it is stated that when King Narasighadeva 1 returned from a war with great victory the Queen Mother Kasturi Devi,adviced him to construct a great
Sun Temple at Konark
Another theory says it was Maharani Sitadevi had advice the king to construct a sun temple as his mother Kasturi Devi blessed with such a brave & courageous son after Worshiping Sun God.His ancestors were worshiping in the old Sun Temple built by Kesari
King Purandara Kesari was in dilapidated condition.
It was decided to erect a grand Sun temple at Padma Khestra.Among the four holy cente Sankhaksetra (Puri), Chakraskhetra(Bhubaneswar)
Gada Kshetra(Jajpur) & Padma Kshetra (Konark ) ,the last one has not any significance temple.
It was here in Maitreya Vana Samba, the Son of Srikrishna worshiped Sun God for 12 years & get cured from leprosy. After being cured from the disease ,he took dip in Chandrabhaga river he found the image of Surya Bhagwan there,he built a temple and installed the image in it.
Legends says the the deity of Sun God was Consecrated on one Sunday, Magha Saptami when the rays of rising Sun bathed the Idol from Agni kona. And also believed that Konark temple is build in such an angle that the first ray of sun was falling on the daity.
So there could have been the significance of angle of sunlight for selecting the spot.
The Bhavishya Purana & Skanda Purana have identifies 3 place in Bharata for Sun worshiping at three specific hours of day as sun rays have the healing power and Konarka is one of them.
Konark was then a busy port .
So probably the plan was to create a chariot-llike temple that would appear to be moving across the sea.
Shilapadma ,by Dr Prativa Roy
The Sun temple of Konark by Anil dey
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