I know going into this I'm going to sound like I'm bragging and singing my own praises. That's not my intention, so bear with me.
I have a guy who works for me part-time. When he has to take a day off because he is sick or needs vacation, I pay him. He has been surprised that I would. I am surprised that he is surprised.
He is rather indispensiable to me in what he does. I'd like to keep him even if I cannot afford to pay him full time. I don't take a salary for what I'm doing in my self-owned morning radio show. There's not enough revenue after I pay expenses, etc.
When we had a lady cleaning our house once a week to help my wife, we paid her a bit more than she expected and we paid her at times when she could work, but we weren't able to have her come because we were sick, etc.
So I'm mentioning all this to a friend yesterday and his response was that I'd have more money in my pocket if I stopped doing stuff like this. And I suspect a lot of people have that reaction.
And that, my friends, is why we have a bunch of people who want the government to redistribute wealth. Some people aren't in a position to do it. I get that and don't have a problem.
But when we're looking at ourselves and thinking I could have more if they have less, I think we have "love they neighbor" problem. I don't think the government should redistribute wealth or raise taxes on the rich.
I do think each of us should be less concerned with our materialism and more concerned with taking care of others so the government and our taxes don't have to.
Again, I know it sounds bragging and self-serving. I get that. But I really am kinda perplexed at the behavior of some well off people who see themselves as well off in large part by nickel and diming others. That wasn't the way I was raised.
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