Strange isn’t it that a Communication Consultant requires interpreters, translators for a comment that he made or says he did not make but was misrepresented by news agencies that carried it ?

Self appointed explainers then explained that ‘Sanghis’
were bound not to understand & that we should have read that & not this because this was not that !

Brands & foreign funded organisations who selectively gaslight, virtue-signal or kick in the passing might find some useful takeaways from this episode-
First & foremost-
Communication on your part should be crisp,clear, unambiguous.
Moreso, you alone are responsible for clearing any controversy created by pulling up your mischievous news partners.

To think before speaking is best because retracting later can be embarrassing.
Casual opinions against culture & gender in 2020 is a sign of ignorance & definitely cannot be community-selective.
As is evident, it will no longer be overlooked by those who quietly did so, previously.

Resist personal opinions or else, expect personal opinions of others.
As most brands do consider consumer sentiment to be paramount it requires a certain level of arrogance & much stupidity to piss off a large bindi wearing segment.
Since an abrasive wipe is not an exfoliating scrub for women there is no need to put our mug with/without a bindi, on the packaging.
Pots & pans will do. Thank you.

Do you require interpreters, translators, explainers for the points mentioned above ?

And yes #IWearABindi
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