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Most of you know Marina, the witch head of the pedovore cult that involves the Clintons, the Podestas, the Rotschilds and many more rotten characters.
(1) Turns out Dasha Zhukova, Former model and trophy wife, was Vicky Cornell's maid of honor during her wedding with the rocker Chris Cornell.

Did Chris know about Geffen, Oprah, Hanks, Branson, Zhukova, Abramovich and Abramovic?
(2) Are Roman Abramovich and Marina Abramovic related in any way besides the links here ?
(3) Seeing the Russian so close with Naomi Campbell, Oprah, and David Geffen does not inspire much trust either.

But especially if you add the current mess with Wayfair mess.

Turns out Wayfair is associated with Yandex, by distributing Yandex products -
(4) And Yandex is associated with mafia and human trafficking.

Abramovic and Geffen also make business often, and make transactions to launder funds.

Zhukova's mob boss ex-husband, Roman Abramovich, made a huge investment in the Russian company:
(5) "Roman Abramovich is taking a stake in Russia’s largest internet company, Yandex NV, giving it more firepower to buy out ecommerce partner Sberbank PJSC and accelerate a push into online retail.

The billionaire owner of Chelsea Football Club and two partners --
(6) VTB Bank PJSC and a company owned by steel billionaires Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov -- bought into Yandex as part of a $1 billion share sale to fund growth and strategic projects.

In total, Yandex sold 20.3 million new shares at $49.25 apiece,
(8) But Abramovich and his partners also invested in TranContainer, Russia's largest freight container operator.

"Roman Abramovich and a business partner will buy a 24.84 percent stake in Russia’s largest freight container operator TransContainer from VTB bank,
(9) two industry sources told Reuters on Thursday.

Abramovich, best known in Britain as the owner of the English Premier League soccer club Chelsea, and his business partner Alexander Abramov together already own 24.5 percent in TransContainer via their Enisei Capital vehicle.
(11) David Geffen is a pedophile, Naomi Campbell was a recruiter and escort working for Epstein's pedophile network.

Oprah is a vampire.


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