8 years ago @CarnegieUKTrust called for a #wellbeing movement to strengthen calls for economic growth to be balanced with social & environmental outcomes.

Here, @CEO_CarnegieUK outlines how #wellbeing should be the goal in #BuildingBackBetter.

"Rebuilding public services after the pandemic is going to be a long journey, but we shouldn’t lose sight of what we have learned about people’s ability to bring their capabilities to the table.

The relationship between citizens & the state can be reset. #BuildBackBetter
The future can be local (as well as global) 🌎

A new settlement between central & local is required that adheres to the principle of subsidiarity.

Governments & funders can create the conditions by providing support for collective actions.🤝

👉 http://bit.ly/30yj3ab 
Our relationship with work can be remodelled. 🛠️💼

In recovery, governments must imagine the types of jobs and labour market that we want to create for the future.

Work is important to #wellbeing, but #FairWork is even better.

We can build a new level of financial resilience. 🪙

Many of those most severely impacted by #COVID-19 & the subsequent economic shock have very limited financial resilience. We urge governments to think seriously about how to create a baseline of financial security.
💻📱🖥️ Technology can be for all.

The crisis has exposed the vital role of digital technology in almost every aspect of life.

Governments need to tackle the significant inequalities that currently exist in digital access.
Wellbeing as a goal🥅
Resetting the relationship between citizens & the state🤝
The future can be local (& global) 🌳
Remodel our relationship with work 🛠️💼
Build a new level of financial resilience. 🪙
Technology can be for all 💻

Six propositions to #BuildBackBetter.
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