According to Rahul Gandhi India-US relations are not good. See this and decide yourself
According to Rahul Gandhi India-Europe relations are not good. Look at this
Rahul Gandhi said India-Russia relations are not that good. Have a look.
Now to neighbors

India-Bhutan relations are rising day by day after we took stand and kicked Chinese army out of Doklam. Now India s going make a road on chinese claimed territory of Bhutan.
India-Bangladesh relation. I don't want to tell you can judge it by this
India-Nepal and India-Srilanka relations you can look it from this wonderful tweet.
And about Economy, due to Global slowndown and pandemic on top of that Indian economy also felt some vibrations but Global financial organizations have predicted India's growth rate post pandemic is 9.5%.

Also India became net exporter 1st time during pandemic.
India's GDP is non negative in this pandemic time while every other country has GDP in negative, means they are not growing.

India is exploring its manufacturing capabilities, we became 2nd hinghest PPE maker in one month.

So don't trust that crooked joker.
Look at this great thread
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