Should Muslims vote for Owaisi? #Opinion thread,

Owaisi has always been accused as being a 'Team B' of BJP or being a 'Vote Ka2ua' (This word was actually used by an anchir on a debate) i.e he cuts the votes of congress and allies and helps BJP win. But is that so? Let us.......
... go through some facts here. MIM has 2 MPs, 1 each from Telangana and Maharashtra and 10 MLAs 7 from Telangana 2 from Maharashtra and 1 from Bihar. In Telangana MIM is supporting the ruling party in the state government and isn't supporting the ruling party or opposition party
In Maharashtra and Bihar. Hence we can draw a conclusion that MIM isn't a strong regional party and not a national party by a long shot. Owaisi has always rejected a 2 party monopoly and has emerged as a alternative for Indian Muslims who voted Congress.
It was the incompetency and misgovernance of Congress that led to the shift of power to BJP in 2014. This gave the Majority Hindu voters an alternative in the form of BJP. Be it INC or AAP they've shown again and again that they do not care for the Muslim community and just......
Want their votes. On the other hand Owaisi depends on solely Muslim votes and Hence is compelled to work keeping their issues in mind. He was the one of few leaders who came out openly against CAA-NRC calling it what it really was, an anti-Muslim act and also led a massive......
Protest against it. So if you agree with his ideology and like his governance and believe that he can represent the Muslim community in the parliament then why should you be reluctant from voting him? In the recent events it is clear that congress MLAs aren't loyal to the party..
And delhi pogrom showed us the real face of AAP. So please share your own thoughts and comments as well. I am also adding a poll so please vote.

Which party should Indian Muslims vote ?
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